Newly Diagnosed With Other Digestive Diseases To Juggle, Help!

Hi, I'm a 20 year old female! I have Celiac Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, PMDD, Severe IBS, Gastritis and newly diagnosed Gastroparesis. I really need help and I hope sharing my story can get me some firsthand advice from other Gastroparesis fighters! This post was also in 'I Have Severe Gastroparesis', because I want to maximize my chances to get help!

The jist of it is, I took an antibiotic for a throat infection, back in Janaury 2012. This gave me a C. Difficile infection that went undiagnosed for over a month, thus severe. This is because we all have the C. Difficile bacteria in us, known as a 'bad' bacteria, but it doesn't get out of hand and into an infection because the 'good' bacteria keeps it in check. Thus the antibiotic I took was so strong that it killed the 'good' bacteria, but not strong enough to kill the infectious ones, so they took over.

Anyways, the C. Difficile infection triggered Ulcerative Colitis for the first time in my life, and actually got diagnosed before they caught the C. Difficile. However, the Colitis medication was terribly hard on my stomach. When I went to get my colonoscopy to confirm the colitis diagnosis, I asked to get an upper endoscopy done because I have had an ulcer before and want to make sure another wasn't developing (there was no ulcer but that colitis medication, an NSAID, is likely the root of my Gastritis). That, is how my doctor accidentally found that I also have Celiac Disease.

A few days after the colonoscopy, the biospy results came back positive for C. Difficile, and by then it was severe. I was hospitalized for days at risk for cardiac arrest and dehydration. I was having bowel movements 50+ times per day.

Yes, 50+ times per day. I could eat just a few corn flakes and within a literal 30 seconds, yes literally, not figuratively or exaggerated, I would start having bowel movements. They would be liquid and carbonated from moving so fast through my body plus from the gas the bacteria produced.

The infection went away eventually, but I was left with Ulcerative Colitis and Celiac Disease. However, even when I didn't accidentally eat gluten AND my colitis was in full remission verified via colonoscopy in June 2012, I was still having crazy diarrhea. This was attributed to post infectious IBS making my ENTIRE GI tract overly sensitive to everything.

So I ended up being on medication to slow down my intestines by August 2012, to slow down the movement/contractions/spasms that makes the stools go through me so fast. That took strong medications plus the continual heavy use of soluable fibre. From then, my bowels were doing pretty okay.

So, now to the major problem. From October 2012 I started having mild nausea and pain, that eventually grew into daily vomiting landing me in the hospital for an emergency Upper GI Endoscopy in December 2012. My doctor found inflammation AND that my stomach was still full of food despite a 12 hour fast.

My doctor suspects the medications used to slow down my fast paced bowels ended up slowing down my normal paced stomach, to the point where my bowels were normal but my stomach slow. It also could have been from the C. Difficile based IBS.

I have been cut from all my bowel and gastritis medication, just in case it's a side effect from any of them. I am being treated at the moment for gastroparesis alone, but I still have to manage my diet to keep my other conditions from flaring since they're going untreated right now. It is a delicate balance to maintain because one disease can set off the other and create a disaster.

Currently, I am on the following medications:
Resotran 2 mg twice daily (AKA Resolor in US, generic Prucalopride)
Dicletin 10mg twice daily (Generic Pyridoxine/Doxylamine)
Cesament 1mg twice daily (AKA Synthetic THC, generic Nabilone)

I am trying Pancreas enzymes incase there's an underlying problem with mine, but they seemed to only have made me constipated.

Despite all these medications, my symptoms are worsening and I am constantly having to go to the ER for IV. It is continually worsening and I am having to consistenly increase the doses of the above medications to manage my increasing symptoms but I'm at the max. dosages now. I don't want it to reach the point where I am seriously in trouble health wise. I am already on a leave of absence from work and have had to withdraw from school. If anyone has any herbal medicines, routines, diet ideas, doctors or anything that can help, it would be truly appreciated.
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I have Crohn's disease, diverticulitis and about a year ago I was diagnosed with idiopathic gastroparesis, after some kidney stones set everything off at once. I also have intolerances to gluten, wheat and soy (due to my Crohn's) and I also I cannot eat seeds, nuts, and a lot of green foods due to my diverticulitis. To make matters worse I have a lot of intolerances to compound agents in medications and supplements.

I have been able to become a bit healthier and be able to stop vomiting by taking the pancreatic enzyme 'creon' which you may be taking already, before i eat meals. And I alternate a powdered supplement called sustagen every second day. The best thing I can do is walk. I try and walk an hour everyday, and if I can only get 10 minutes I'll do that. I have stopped eating meat only eating it when I feel very low on iron. I take vitamin b injections and alternate liquid and solid meals giving solid meals a day to digest before I eat one again. I don't have all the answers and I am still figuring out a lot of things but I hope this info helps. Oh and I make sure that on my days off work I have a full day of rest. And also alternate rest days with fun days or active days.

I also have celiac disease and require a dairy-free diet, as well. I wrote up what I use here (search for "Amazing Grass" to get down to the right comment):

Three drink powder products: Amazing Grass Amazing Meal Chocolate Infusion, Life's Basics Plant Protein, MegaFood High Fiber Hemp Shake, then I add liquid multi-vitamins and liquid vitamin D.

I adjust the balance of the three powders depending on how things are moving. This gives me more control.

I wish you lots of luck,