My son has had Gastropersis for over 2 years, at times he is sick all day ever day, and goes days without eating, over this time he has lost about 10 stones in weight. Has no energy to even brush his teeth , going to the toilet is sometimes in possible and can blackout dong this, April last year he had a stomach pacemaker fitted to the muscle in his stomach, this worked well for about for 4 months, recently he has reverted back to how he was before his operation, he's having a bad time again mentally and physically drained and we don't know whats going to happen next or where to turn. This is an horrible decease for him and the family, and people who don't live with it dont realise how hard it is to live with.
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The pacemaker does work great for many GP patients. It especially helps with nausea. But when it stops working, it's so depressing. We don't know why that happens.
Perhaps botox injections to the pylorus if you haven't tried it? Or pyloroplasty (does NOT cause the rumored "dumping" as people say). See what you think about the nonprofit informational website
there is also a facebook page called Help Gastroparesis.

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Why are PPI taken when they themselves feed delayed emptying (gastro paresis)
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I have been living with gastroparesis for almost 18 months now. I understand what u and your son are going through.

I know how hard it can be but make sure whenever he feels like he can he exercises. Just a gentle stroll is enough. I find not only does it help me mentally it helps my stomach keep moving.

Believe me at times it's hard to be motivated or have the energy to keep going but it will be worth it in the long run.