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I just learned last week that I have GP. I've read a ton about it and its devastated me. I am trying so hard to remain positive, but its not easy. That is why I joined this group. I don't feel that the people in my life understand just how scary this is. But, I look forward to reading your stories and I welcome any advice or suggestions anyone may have. Thank you for listening (reading ;-)
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I have GP I was diagnose last year of Nov. My life has not been the same since this year I had the stomach implant and I still don't feel good . I feel like a guinea pig the doctors seem to be searching on how to treat this problem I have. I feel lost

I'm scared too ..... But atleast now you know where to start! Im angry too ! Good luck!!

Hang in there. It sucks, but it is possible to find what works and get most of your life back. You're right. The other people in your life won't understand. I've learned lots of patience, especially when others start the drama about how they can't have pasta anymore, etc. Just remember you are stronger than the disease and all that matters right now is figuring out how to manage it. I identified 5 things in food that matter: 1) calories, 2) vitamins & minerals, 3) fiber that doesn't hurt me, 4) taste slightly pleasant enough that it doesn't cause nausea, and 5) nothing that I'm allergic to or that hurts me later. Focus on these things, and after your body gets better you can worry about eating things you like. But without these 5 components now, your health will suffer. It's no fun to get so malnourished that your hair falls out, your gums bleed, your muscles atrophy, and you have no energy. Get those calories and vitamins however you can, then try to find fiber that keeps things moving without it all getting stuck. If you can conquer that task, you'll be on your way to managing it.

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I have GP too as well as a few other things. I figure although its scary to read about what might happen, I focus on the here and now.... As 'live new' suggested above, food is the most important thing to get right. But I also find that exercise is very important to keep things moving. It doesn't have to be strenuous just a stroll everyday and preferably after meals, helps me the best. Also plan fun days and rest days to help with the fatigue. It'll take a while to get right and fatigue will get to you but make sure you still do the things you love to do when you can..

Great advice! We have to get the physical stuff right, but it's also important to do what is necessary to keep hope and joy alive. Helping each other to know "there is life after gastroparesis" is important, and spending time getting our heads out of the misery and into the wonders of life we can still find helps both emotionally, and I believe it helps physically.