"My Stomach Joined the Union and Filed a Motion For a Strike...

"...Now I'm stuck with a rusty wheel crank."

         I have Gastroparesis apparantly AND I'm rather new to It.. in fact so far i haven't had it anywhere close to as bad as some of the <a href="http://www.myspace.com/gastroparesis">stories</a> i've read out there, but it's strange for me trying to sort things out nevertheless.  for the last 3 months i haven't had much trouble with it since after my Gastric Emptying test showing only a minor delay in digesion, my doc put me on omaprezol and it has helped a lot for some reason..along with modifying my diet to keep from throwing up my food all the time like i used to...i try to avoid swallowing anything that i can't fully chew up in my mouth...
 so yeah, its been ok ... untill yesterday when my stomach has started to be mean to me. and that's not the only thing that all of a sudden starting acting up around the same time... 3 days before, my sciatic back/leg pain decided to come back and be even worse, after a few months of being reasonably good.
its just been a bad day physically wise with that plus feeling like my entire body muscles ache in exhaustion.. for NO real good reason...
On the story of my dear stomach's new antics,
 I cooked a healthy pasta meal and ate that yesterday...just like i did 4 days before without any problems... but this day,   two hours after eating, i threw up half of my food that i had eaten, and 6-10 hours later i was still feeling the food trying to churn in the UPPER part of my stomach, and it was hurting the whole time..like that feeling you get when you have eaten WAAAy too much except the pain is 3 times as bad and its coming from stomach muscle.
and every hour or so i'd actually feel it when a little bit of the food went down some and it would make me burp. i tried getting up and walking a bit in the house to help digestion but it hurt even worse than it hurt sitting down.. on a 1=fine to 10=bad / pain scale, it was like a 4.
....on the other hand i had a pretty good bloodsugar day as far as it being stable -which is almost rare. (I've been having a hard time learning to time my insulin bolus dosages taken on my pump correctly with the stomach's absorption delay.)

Today, i had a slice of toast and a yogurt smoothie for breakfast and it made me full pretty fast, but it didn't hurt as bad. then for lunch i tried to eat a extra small spinach waldorf salad with some quiche and tried to eat  MUCH slower than usual, like one bite every 5 minutes.  after 6 bites, my stomach started to hurt and feel like a overfilled water balloon. i had already taken my insulin so i forced myself to eat the quiche ..trying for the logic that its mushy food and sholud go down easy;..but i couldn't finish my salad.  when I ate,  it was 8pm and its now 6 and a half hours later and my stomach still hurts and still feels ballooned.
i just want to know if any body out there has experienced this kind of thing and furthermore, how the heck do you deal with this?? .. its kind of aggravating and depressing me and i don't know what to do since these symptoms are kind of a new experience for me.

??...is it going to keep being like this or will it ever go away once in a while or is there some other tricks i should know about or do you just eat baby food or do you just not eat and only drink juice or do you alternate the days that you do eat solid food or is there certain foods that are absolutely the doomers of us or are there other less obviously known foods -besides things with peels and stalks- that can make it worse or is there a certain specific tiny measurement of food that the stomach can only handle at a time or does it hurt no matter what you eat or no matter how much you eat???? What are the very beginning stages/symptoms of Gastroparesis that you had to go through, and how long does each last before you developed new /worse symptoms??
I feel so unprepared and  confused in dealing with all this.

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If you feel full even after small meals that is a sign of Functional Dyspepsia. This can be cured by stomach exercise. Similarly food made from flour products (white flour, regular flour) shall be avoided as it takes long to digest this type of food. You must stick to Rice ba<x>sed food. If you go natural way you have a hope of curing this. I have cured myself so can you. <br />
Please read my story, and it shall help:-<br />

I'm so sorry that you are going through all of this. it isn't fun, that's for sure! I've found that eliminating leafy greens and most raw fruits or veggies helps a lot. also, i avoid alcohol and caffine. good luck! Hope this helps!

I found a nutritionist who specializes in GP, as she has it herself. She wrote a book called "living well with gastroparesis" and it's REALLY helping me. Here's some of what she recommends: NO FIBER SUPPLEMENTS...if you have GP and are taking one...STOP! That fiber is indigestible and can contribute to bezoar masses in the stomach...these require surgery to get rid of, and ultimately can exacerbate your GP even more. Eating 6 to 7 small meals per day instead of 3 large ones. All fruits and veggies have to be cooked, and in most cases, pureed down..No seeds or skins..I have to run anything with seeds or skins through a fine mesh strainer to remove them. No nuts, as it can worsen symptoms. Low fat as often as you can. Also, you have to watch artificial sweeteners, as they can exacerbate symptoms as well..(I get drastically sick every time I have something with artificial sweetener in it...) Bolthouse Farms or Naked smoothes diluted down with water can be good. Ultimately, ordering her book and going by what she recommends has calmed down a flare for me that lasted over 6 months.

Give Ensure Clear a try...it's not as thick as the others.

My nutritionist said absolutely NO salads!! All fruits, veggies etc have to be steamed, cooked until they could be the consistency of baby food or applesauce. I had lettuce on a subway sandwich and was sick for 4 days

I would ask your doctor for Reglan for sure! And try just liquids for diet. That has helped me the most.

I have had GP for about 5 years now. Just kept getting progressively worse until I was finally diagnosed. I have a wonderful doctor but wanted to try to go as naturally as possible so I ran to the internet to try to find some relief. I was constipated, always had stomach aches, couldn't sleep because even water was hard to keep down. I also had amazingly painful heart burn which produced Barretts esophagus. Anyway...I thought I would try Pranofax after trying diet modification and acupuncture. Really didn't work well for me. OMG, the Pranofax was amazing. The bloating and discomfort that truly controlled my life was pretty much GONE after taking one bottle. My heartburn is almost none existent now and I can't believe how much better I feel. I am not posting this for the Pranofax company. I am just a person who wanted to let others know that you can get relief from this. It cost me $70.00 and had to wait to receive it for about a month but this product really worked for me. Good luck

I would like to add a positive note for everyone... My latest bloodwork from my last ER visit showed that my nutrition was actually improving! A definite relief seeing that I had just been to the ER for pain. I find that I am able to handle Arbonne protein shakes better than any other suppliment. They are gluten free and dairy free and don't have the fat that boost and ensure have. I am also a huge fan of cooked carrots and sauted spinach. I add them to almost everything. One other person also mentioned v8 Fusion. Great idea. A full serving of fruits and veggies in each glass. I also eat a lot of rice products. They are just lower fiber versions but still have health benefits. I found fat free boulion and gluten-free crackers for my bad days. I also stay away from carbonation (among a myriad of other things) It may seem hard at first but I have had so many good days in a row that I am a total believer in following the GP diet. Even though I still have my really bad days, I just wanted to offer some hope. God Bless.

My 9 year old daughter has GP and she prefers the pediasure drinks over ensure or boost as they are not a thick. She does not vomit yet which we are grateful for but at 9 she only weighs 23 kgs. She likes activia and danactive. We live in Canada so many of the treatments that they have in the states we don't have her like the pacemaker. She takes peg3350 for constipation daily domparidone 20 mg a day (5mg before each meal and then before bed) and 20mg of prevacid a day for the GERDS. Any help on what can be done would be great. She has only been diagnosed about 2 months ago but has been struggling with this since she was a baby. Her eating has gotten worse and I am worried she will not develop properly if she does not get the proper nutrition.

My heart goes out to you. It is really hard to watch your child suffer. Have you researched the "Gastroparesis Diet"? My kids love applesauce and they will eat tons of cooked carrots. Good luck

I'm new to understanding that I have Gastroparesis, even though I have been dealing with this for about 3 to 4 years now. Mine seemed to get worse as I got older. Now I'm to the point I'm scared to eat, regardless of what it is. Sometimes I rather go hungry than to eat, but that only makes it worse. However, when I do eat, I feel so bloated that my skin actually hurts and I feel like I can't breathe. My stomach hurts so bad that I end up throwing up. Before I throw up, my legs and lower back start to hurt to where I can't get the pain under control. One day I can ate something that doesn't kill my stomach, then 2 days later eat it again and I'm in so much pain. The best way for me to look at this whole stomach situation is..."My stomach is the first to go through menopause." There is no cure, but only hope. Having each other to help us to not feel alone is probably the best cure so far. We can learn from each other in hopes for a better way of living. Good luck and kep your head up, not your stomach.

I know what you mean :) V-8 Infusion is great for nutrients and so is carnation instant breakfast. Apple sauce is a good substitute for apples (the skins are bad because you won't be able to digest them easily). Apple juice is great for calcium if you can't drink milk. A multi-vitamin is a good idea. It can be hard to get the nutrients you need...I hope some of these suggestions work :)

ya! what is the deal. i think about how a couple weeks ago I was able to eat salads and was fine. then i couldn't. and now i'm wondering about even those few apple slices i ate today. grrrrrrrr... i just don't want to lack vitamin c and those other nutrients. plus, lack of fiber foods makes constipation a pain if u know what i mean.

I'm relatively new to the Gastroparesis world as well. I had it for about 2 months before it was diagnosed in May, and it just progressively has gotten worse. I am having a lot of the same issues as you are, with foods being ok one day and murder on your stomach the next. It can be psychologically difficult at times (especially when you go out to eat; I've gotten the strangest looks from some waitresses). So far I've found that it's a day to day struggle. Mashed potatoes haven't done me wrong yet. Skinny Cow ice cream sandwhiches are nice for a treat. I can give you a more detailed list of what's worked for me if you want. This disease seems to be different for everyone...the best cure I've found is just having people to support you and listen. Best of luck to you.

Definitely try the ensure. They helped me get calories and protein (as I mentioned the importance before) and worked for awhile. The coffee flavor and the chocolate are really good. The mixed berry with extra protein was disgusting. Just suggestions. <br />
<br />
But as my gastroparesis got worse I also developed the wonderful act of vomiting all the time. My daily ab work outs no longer let me have ensures either because they are too thick for my stomach to tolerate. So because of this road block as I mentioned I'm seeing the dietician and will definitely let everyone know what I find out.

Maybe you can share what your dietician recommends. It sounds like we all suffer from malnutrition!!! Maybe I'll try ensure too. Have any of you tried any natural herbs or homeopathy that I see advertised on the web for gastroparesis? If so, please comment! Thanks.<br />

Fiber = hell for gastroparesis. you'll find this in veggies and fruits that are raw. I ate a salad and it came up 8 hours later. It's in my story. But I literally stared at it because I was in shock. So no salads!! I completely understand what you are going thru because these amazing foods, no matter how little of them you eat, or how slow you eat them, or how much you chew...will sit in your stomach and just hurt. Non stop. And then give it a little time and its becomes lunch round 2! I hate it too and I've lost 20 lbs because of it. So far nothing has worked for me. I eat lots of baby food and jello. My nutrition is going down the tubes which isn't good. <br />
<br />
I was drinking ensure for awhile, it's VERY important you get protein. It is essential for maintaining muscular structure, etc. Special K protein water is really really yummy and they have powders you can pour in a nalgene and mix yourself too which is cheaper. Highly recommend those for fluids. As I said I was drinking Ensure but even though they are liquid I throw them up now too because they are so thick and diluting them doesn't help. Maybe try seeing a dietician (not a nutritionist, the degree and certifications are different!!). I'm seeing one next week and hopefully she'll be able to help me diet-wise. Because I obviously can't do it myself anymore!! Good luck :-)

thanks for the ideas! I would love having a powder version, especially if it was cheaper because protein shakes are disgustingly expensive!

Hi Midnight Butterfly,<br />
I also am new to gastroparesis, even though I have suffered unknowingly from it for the past 6 years! I've been trying all sorts of searches on the internet for alternative treatments after I got my diagnosis. As you know, fiber is conraindicated. I find that fiber makes my symptoms worse. I'm still experimenting with "Benefiber" during the day, not at night. What is helping me is Enzypride which the doctor recommended--it's just medicated enzymes. The other thing is to avoid cheese because it's so fatty--I go through hell every time I eat it, even though I love it. When I last had quiche, I felt just awful afterwards. Raw vegetables and fruits are also very difficult to digest for me and make my symptoms really bad. The last thing that I know makes things bad is for me to eat after 7:30pm--that's a killer the next day. There are varois ads on the internet for herbal therapies: Trenical, Astratin, Pranofax, Segratax, gastrotab--has anyone tried any of these and can you comment please? Thanks.

I found that Medifast for Diabetics is the answer. I order only the shakes and mix it with some soy milk vanilla and some imitaions vanilla and spenda. Put ina blender with ice cubes and drin five a day everyb four -five hours. You will still get nauseated if you drink too fast and too muchbut you will hold it down. I take 1/2 phenegran in the morning with my shake. I also use Amitiza and enemas for colon cleaning as my colon is sluggish, this goes with the disease. Ad a touch of whipping creme light if you want,not too much. This will steady your blo0d sugar too. I feel alot better on it. It ost about 570 a month. If that is not an optionget protein powder and make your own shakes ,low carbs is the key to keep blood sugar down. Good luco, Ihave lost 42 lbs in five months and am nowmaintaining onsix a day. Godo Bless you , you don't hae to throw up all the time.

trust me!<br />
you aren't the only one out there!<br />
i suffer with gastroparesis too.<br />
i know it's hard, but you'll get through it!

I have gastroparesis as well and have been trying to deal with it for a few years. It seems like you are on a road to a very good start, try not to get discouraged! Have you ever heard of Miralax? <br />
<br />
MY GI doctor suggested it to me to keep my dig. tract working smoothly and it is pretty efficient. That way it reduces the back flow of food in your intestines, to some degree. I find it helpful at least. Look into it. <br />
<br />
Some good things about it are that 1. it is a flavorless powder that can be mixed into anything 2. it just runs through your system, no absorption and no change of composition it just does its thing (somehow...can't remember exactly what doc said). 3. It is dosage dependent, if one dose doesn't work for you, you can do two and so on. And if it gives you an unpleasant result at some other dose you can reduce it! ---These are just rough notes that I remember my doctor saying so I'm not sure if they are 100% accurate! <br />
<br />
Hope this helps

Yes definitely try Miralax!

unfortunately, fiber is contraindicted for gastroparesis.

have you every tried fiber pills??I have I.B.S. and have a terrible stomach ache most of the time.My dr. told me to try fiber.I take the pills cause i cant drink that stuff.