Gastroparesis Are We Sick Forever

Hi im ashleigh im 20.
In 2010 i started feeling a little nausious after i ate which gradually got worse and worse after a stomach emptying scan i got diagnosed with gastroparesis.
I already have a lot of issues and i have been in and out of physc hospitals through my teenage years ( havent been in for over a year now :) ) i just cant deal with this anymore i am on a liquid diet and am loosing weight fast i have lost 65lb altogether (i used to be obese) when i eat liquids i dont feel phsically sick but i make myself nausious because i know i should feel sick
I have been with my partner for over 3 years and we decided we want kids but i dont want to be unhealthy to my baby. Maybe once a week at least i have days when i cant get out of bed as i have no energy. I currently live in a youth mental health housing (not as serious as it sounds lol it just means im with people my age with the same problems and we staff on some days and we have groups and chats) and some days we go out and eat which i cannot do and its bringing me down. I feel mentally i am ready to start working again but i dont know what to about this illness
What do i do. I really feel like ending my life as i cant deal with this anymore. Anyone else in the same boat?
Thanks for reading.
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I really do feel your pain, I haven't been diagnosed yet but I'm almost certain that my symptoms match up with this illness. I have been referred for several tests. I am constantly nauseous and struggle to eat anything. I have been with my boyfriend for nearly 4 years and I too want children but I want to be healthy. This has taken it's toll on my mental health, I cry everyday and just want to end everything. No one seems to understand

I understand living on a liquid diet can be distressing, boring, and many other words some of them not nice. You don't indicate how your vegus nerve became damaged or what the cause is of your condition. I assume you have tried the the various remedies that are out.

Please don't end your life, there are so many medical break thru's happening all the time. This is one that could be just around the corner. I encourage you to work toward getting your weight back up. This is going to go a long way toward giving you strength to get out of bed and lowering your depression. Please keep searching for a way to do this. Hugs