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Gastroparesis, Will It Get Worst? Do I Really Want to Know?

Let me start off, i had an eating disorder when i was 14-19.  It was bulimia but i wouldnt vomit i took diet pills, i took laxatives, i excessively worked out. At one point it was anorexia i barely ate for a good year around 17 yrs old? But generally i ate like a meal a day.

I am 22 years old.



Ok so the **** hit the fan when i was 19 I got mono.  I started eating normally at this point 3 times a day. From then I ended up having severe, severe anxiety about my health and everything in general. When i was 21 i suffered from really bad belching, couldnt eat much, was pretty much living off of nutrition shakes and peanutbutter sandwhiches when i could actually manage them down. Every food i ate would just come up. Then i took prilosec OTC for a good amount of time and of course, I didnt have insurance so really there was no other choice. Two months after (finally have health insurance) i was diagnosed with mild chronic gastritis, Ibs and took nexium for a good year. My doctor was an ******* who really didnt look into my case so much so its a good chance i was misdiagnosed. So for a good year i took nexium, 40 mg daily. Then another year which is this year, age 22  and finally i decide i should check it out again. This year in  OCT I have been diagnosed with  idopathic gastroparesis and mild gastritis= which is nothing and everyone has mild gastritis and IBS (not so severe just constipation and cramps). At this point i was off nexium due to constpation and was taking omeprazole. I liked omperazole alot better.. but im still constipated. The doctor said gastric emptying test was abnormal meaning i have gastroparesis.
Doctor said the ultra sound they found a polyp in my gallbladder and i need to have another ultra sound in 6-12 mo. It is a cholestrol deposit and benign but if it grows i would have to remove gallbladder. As for medicines i can try to ween off omeprazole slowly. As for the reglan just prescribed I should take only as needed, when i feel discomfort. I should take this 15 minutes before eating. He also said to quit smoking. He said this medicine is safe to take while preg. He also said this problem could go away in time, stopping smoking, or taking the medicine. My gastric emptying test said it takes me an hour more than regular healthy people to digest food. It takes me 3 hrs, other people it takes 2 hrs. He said not to be scared and it isnt going to kill me, gastroparesis is not fatal there have been no studies showing someone who has died from this. As for the gastritis i have a mild case and everyone has gastritis, most of my symptoms are just coming from gastroparesis. I was prescribed 5 mg 2 times when needed of reglan. 5 mg. was way too much for my stomach to handle and i needed to cut it down to 2.5 mg. I now take it once a week if anything. Mostly because i have a hard time guaging when its that bad, and the drug is horrible in general and causes horrible side effects that im not willing to encourage. As for the symptoms of gastroparesis. I'm nauseated, constipated, my stomach gets bloated, still get burning, sometimes gerd but rare since i cut down smoking. I havent vomited, I do still smoke and am trying to quit. Everytime i look up info on gastroparesis everyone seems to be expirencing hell, and i'm not.. Weird?  I am grateful but It sucks alot, but i've grown to tolerate the nausea.. I wonder if it will get worst, But try not to think about it because that is just masochistic. 

Non the less i am plauged.

I worry will i be able to have children? What are the risks? Will they be healthy?

Will this really go away? what are the chances?

Will this progressively get worst?


If worse comes to worse and i need stomach pacer or a tube how long can someone actually live off of those things? and Can i have kids?


Is this thing gonna cut years off of my life and make me a weak vegetable because of malnutrition due to not eating like a normal person should?


AS for now, i can eat anything. thank god.

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I am a male with Gasytroparesis. I was diagnosed 3 years ago. I was told eat 6 small meals a day... no cure.... nothing else could be done.. I was having extreme pain and even though i worked from home, my last month working, i only worked 10 hrs the entire month... I relocated to Ca. because i was told that Loma Linda V.A. was doing wonderful things there... After 2 years in the V.A. system, I was told to look in the mirror and say "Butterfly kissed and unicorn farts... all is well, i'm just imagining this" ... FAKE IT TILL YA MAKE IT was all they did...
Anyways, I also was just diagnosed with Fibromyalgia ( something I asked about 3 years ago).. The meds they gave me for the F.M. also helped a bit on the Gastroparesis.. As far as constipation, ( i go once every 5-9 days - maybe) so I understand constipation... i found a natural tea called SMOOTH MOVE.l It worked twice, then no more ( normal for this thing)..
I have started using medical canibis to battle the pain and nausea, and it seems to help a bit..
The main problem I am having is that Gastroparesis affects mostly type 1 diabetic women... I am a type 2 diabetic male... In 3 years I have yet to find another male battling this... WHen I respond to a post from a male ( even though they are older posts) I have gotten 3 replies, all saying they were sorry toi report the male has passed...
Good Luck All -

I was diagnosed with gastroparesis last month after being hospitalized for a week. Usually the ER would give me a iv and a few shots and some nausea prescriptions. I have had some episodes over the last few yrs. Not happy with the hospitals around my house.
I am a 33 yr old male without diabetes..although it does run in my family. 4 yrs ago..IBS and stress is causing the stomach pains, that's what I was told. 2 to 3 times a yr in the ER vomiting uncontrollably. Then on the way home from vacation in florida on new yrs eve, it hit me again. Vomited all day in hotel room before suffering the next day home. Was in this state for 10 days before a different ER admitted me..had gone to 2 different other hospitals. Telling me that the i had cyclic vomiting from marijuana. I think the weed helps make my appetite good. Finally after a couple days, they did a stomach test and told me I had severe gastroparesis. Thank God and with reglan and pepcid..not on zofran anymore..I have not had an episode in 3 weeks and am eating just about everything. Scared it might come back, I started reading this forum and wanted to let people know that the botox helped me, I have also quit smoking. But there is hope! I just thank God

maybe you have found relief or your gastroparesis has gone away but i;ve had mild GP 3 years with mainly bad nausea & bloating. recently found relief from an herb called Iberogast on amazon. its changed my life. hope you are feeling better now. its similar to reglan without side effects.

I am doing clinical research on gastroparesis: Effects of Global Osteopathic Manual Therapy on Patients with Idiopathic Gastroparesis. Looking for subjects to recruit: location: Sonoma County California. Message me if interested and Please spread the word.

I am doing clinical research on gastroparesis: Effects of Global Osteopathic Manual Therapy on Patients with Idiopathic Gastroparesis. Looking for subjects to recruit: location: Sonoma County California. Message me if interested and Please spread the word.

I am in Southern California... Have been dealing with this for 3 years... drewcelani at g mail.

I am doing clinical research on gastroparesis: Effects of Global Osteopathic Manual Therapy on Patients with Idiopathic Gastroparesis. Looking or subjects to recruit: location: Sonoma County California. Please spread the word.

You are the first person, I have read who is exactly what I'm going threw. I'm going on forty, two kids, I have suffered since a teenager. No insurance until this year. I have had my gallbladder taken out. At this point I have been a lab rat for five months. They are also taking about notice injection, not to sure, I want to go that route, our surgery. I still suffer with lack of food. Trying to manage a big family. I will continue to still research, and pray. Watch the Doctors, just another dot. They have given so mean meds to try, some huge side effects. You kinda have to be your Owen Dr too. Nobody knows your body better than you. I pray resolution for me and many others who suffer, from this. God bless hang in there

I have no gallbladder due to infection, no appendix due to chronic constipation, have had extreme gastritis (vomiting blood) currently have gastritis, and was just diagnosed with gastroparesis. i have not found any good news either... but i do know that smoothies are our best bet... and look up vagus nerve stimulation, the vagus nerve is part of the sympathetic nervous system, and basically controls the function of most our internal organs including our stomach.

If it makes you feel any better, I have a mild to moderate form as well. Most people on these websites scare the daylights out of me and actually cause me severe anxiety. As a result, I am hardly ever online because its just not healthy. I was being nerotic today and came across your post. My symptoms are very similar to yours. I am on domperidome which I only take once or twice a week. The rest of the time, i used diet, yoga, accupunture and therapy to combat symptoms.

Hi "Beautiful Liar,"
I just had to tell you how much I related to your story. I was just diagnosed with GP last week. I had an endoscopy (to look for what I thought would be an ulcer, H-Pylori or acid reflux. The doc told me after the test that she couldn't see a lot bc there was still a lot of food in my stomach. (I fasted for 14 hours before the test).

I spent the entire weekend researching GP and have almost all of the questions you have. (Except, I am not concerned about having kids).

I will tell you that I read nothing that said you can't have kids. The only thing I read is that there are certain meds that can affect breast size and lactation.

I don't know how you are dealing with your symptoms with so few meds. God bless you! For me, I take Prilosec twice per day, Reglan twice per day and a prescription laxative.

I joined this group because I have past experience with support groups and I believe they can be a life-saver.

Its hard not to get down about this. But, I honestly believe that staying in the present, not assuming the worst and staying positive is extremely helpful.

I saw that the more anxious I became, the more my GP symptoms increased. But, we also need a place to share our fears and know that we are understood
and supported.

Hi.. Its hard, but try not to worry about so much at once. You said it took 3 hours to empty your stomach, my specialist told me that's a little slow but many people are like that. With my test it took 6 and a half hours so the doc knows for sure I've got a big problem! I don't see in any of my reading on this subject where it will interfer with having children. It may not necessarily get worse. You just got to try to eat 5 or 6 small meals a day even if it causes some discomfort. Have you tried drinking boost or ensure? Even one of those a day would give you the vitamins and good nutrients that your body needs. I hope I've helped you a bit, and please try not to worry so much... I've been sick with several diseases for 4 years now but my motto is one day at a time because like you I was worrying 24/7 and decided I just couldn't do that anymore because worry and stress can bring on alot of unwanted health problems too!! Good luck, and I do hope you and start feeling better soon..

I'm going though the same thing. And I wish someone had some answers for us. Unlike u 2 years I jus woke up with the **** and don't know how I got it.

I am 59 and was diagnosed with gastroparesis 2 yrs. ago. I have been on prilosec for 12 years for acid reflux. I am now seeing a wholistic healer and have gotten more relief from her than any dr. I recently went off my prilosec cold turkey and am experiencing stomach discomfort and acid coming up in my throat at bed time, thus not sleeping too well. As for my gastroparesis, I too was put on reglan. It is a VILE drug and should not be on the market. I searched out several gastroenterologists until I found one that can prescribe a drug called Domperidone. You can only get it through a compound pharmacy because it hasn't been approved by the FDA yet. This drug's only side effect is tenderness in the breasts and I have not encountered it yet and been on it for 1 yr. I am thoroughly convinced that prilosec contributed to my gastoparesis. Good luck to you.....I also suffer severe constipation

I had 3 children,the only problem I had during was vomiting more than usual. I am going back onto my Probiotics. I thought once I had my Colectomy surgery it would be gone. But just the opposite happened. I get DXed with gastroparesis. I am going back to my pre surgery diet,and see if I can give my gut a rest. I see there is no cure for this,and glad I found out quickly what it is.

I just got the call about be having this today. I wonder if meds can cause this? I aways had gerd as a child. I also take keppra 2 times a day at 500mg way down from 3000 daily. I am 230 lbs so that is differant for you all but I also have low bp and had in the past thyroid issue the low funtion not diecbectic at least. only 35 . this is horriable my gallbladder was mush 3 years ago. feel tied all the time they have me on prolcec once daily 40mg I also on my own take a emyze paya for digesting help and kefir and it had help some , but it was real bad for six months before I used kefir . I eat raw drinks of fruit and veggie still with water in it with a scoop of green souce. I don't eat any greasy foods and such. so I must have a mild form? but in the past those six monthe I could not eat or drink a thing without throwing up. I would fast and drink broth and tea water and take zofram due to other nausa meds never work or give me hives. since kefir it is better and the chewable emynzes of the paya fruit helps before and after eating. but I wonder what the dr. is going to tell me? on May 9th I will find out. this scares me I'm a mother of five kids I go to college and run my bussiness with Amway/world wide dream builders. It is hard to cook food for others and the smell often times makes me sick so i have my tiny meal. it might help to not eat past 6pm at night and put cement block under the mattress about 3 inches.

I'm new to this forum and have been reading through everyone's stories. After reading this post and all the replies, I'm just amazed at how similar my story is to many others on here. I also have hypothyroidism (diagnosed at 13 years old). Like a few of you, I did have a bout of anorexia when I was 18. And like many of you, I had mono within months before my first episode of gastroparesis. Also, like other women on here, my symptoms completely disappeared while I was pregnant. I wish there were more answers for us, but it's nice to know there are others dealing with the same thing.

I was diagnosed with gastroparesis in 2009 from endoscopy, I couldn't eat, had neuropathy in my feet going up my legs at the time. Very nauseous all the time...lost 22 lbs. Dr. made it seem like this was very simple thing and would go away. He put me on Reglan which I took for a week then developed allergic rash and had to stop. After that I seemed to be able to eat again gained weight,still had bouts of nausea but attributed it to sister was dying of breast cancer and I was helping take care of her. <br />
. I am not a diabetic so they had no idea why I had neuropathy in my feet. I had been on Nexium, prilosec, omeprazole, zantac, tagamet one or more of these at a time for 25yrs had ulcers and Dr. kept me on it...didn't know they cause rebound acid.<br />
This summer I started again with the nausea, stomach pain everytime I ate, feeling like what I ate layed there for days. Acide increased to point I was poppin nexium like candy. Aug I also started having chest pain and heart palpitations. Dr. had test holter monitor showed Atrial tachycardia..also high blood pressure, which my Dr. said for 3 yrs. I didn't have just nervous when I came there, he also misdiagnosed my skin cancer. I now see different Dr. Cardiologist put me on cardism for the palpitations and altace for blood pressure. As soon as I took Cardism my symptoms got much worse acid so bad I couldn't sleep no matter how much nexium I took. Long story short, I have been on liquids since and have lost over 35 lbs. and have constant nausea, pain even with liquids, very weak and feel horrible. I'm on erythromycin 250 4x cause more pain and nausea so I take one a day. I could eat chicken noodle soup have eaten everyday for over 3 mos. 1 can just looking at the can now is getting hard. Started drinking ensure this week bc fear feeding tube. with in 30-40 mins my stomach hurts and the bloating with this stuff is horrible. I go from flat to looking 5mos. pregnant in mins. I'm 60yr. old which to a lot of you sounds really old...but it's really not. I have suffered stomach my whole life every since I can remember. I think It was something I was born with. Like the one girl said when she was pregnant she felt better..I did too..I even had a set of twin and was never nausea. It was a year after it came back. Dr. said IBS. I feel for everyone with this. GI said no big deal just a little bump. I hate to see what a big thing is to him. It has changed my whole life this time...I feel house bound I don't want to get anything more. I too have fibromyalgia, raynaud's, under active thyroid, osteo arthritis, osteoporosis etc etc etc. I'm not glad anyone else is sick I'm just glad I'm not alone.

God, I love and sympathize - I have all the symptoms and am sick, feel like death is coming. My love and prayers for all of us.<br />

What does your stomach pain feel like? I am curious because although nausea is consistently stated as a primary sympton, mine feels more like a constant knawing in the stomach/chest area. I do not really suffer from nausia although I do get sick once in a while after eating. Some of the posts above have mentioned 'severe stomach pain' which makes me feel like I might not be alone when it comes to the type of pain I am experiencing. Finally, sometimes I have heart palpitations. I am not sure if it is related to all of the acid etc. but it really freaks me out! Anyone?

What does your stomach pain feel like? I am curious because although nausea is consistently stated as a primary sympton, mine feels more like a constant knawing in the stomach/chest area. I do not really suffer from nausia although I do get sick once in a while after eating. Some of the posts above have mentioned 'severe stomach pain' which makes me feel like I might not be alone when it comes to the type of pain I am experiencing. Finally, sometimes I have heart palpitations. I am not sure if it is related to all of the acid etc. but it really freaks me out! Anyone?

From the posts ive read everyone seems to have had mono right before they got diagnosed with gatroparesis! Im 19 years old now, i had mono when i was 15, but my gastroparesis started when i was 18 years old, then right after that i got diagnosed with an eating disorder im naturally small i was only 100 pounds no more before i got sick, over the past year i lost 30 pounds and dropped down to 69 because with my gastroparesis being so severe i couldnt eat anything!! then over the summer of 2011 i got diagnosed with endomitriosis, to top it all off !!!! its been a rough year, in and out of every hospital, ive just finally decided no matter how much pain food causes me i have to eat it otherwise i am going to die, ive never been on medsicine for gastroparesis except reglan which always made me feel crappy so i never took it, and my gastro doc didnt really care.

Perhaps give Domperidone a shot, it has worked at times for me because I absolutely will not take Reglan. Best of luck, I know it sucks &gt;.

Wow! I am baffled by all the written comments and feel pretty hopeless for my daughter's future. My daughter, 20 years now got diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes 6 years ago. This past year she has lived through agony and complete hell. It tooks MONTHS for her to get answers and help. She lost 40 pounds in a few months. She was told she was anorexic...NO! NO WAY! truth is she suffered from neuropathy and gasrtopareses. The stomach does NOT WORK AT ALL. She has a feeding tube implanted in her intestine. She has been on it since August. She is still malnourished and has put on very little weight. Although she does not eat AT ALL she still vomits acid every single night. She had to drop out of college and stop working and has to be plugged into electricity 24/7 to work the pump that puts a liquid diet into her body. This is so ridiculous that they say that the nerve damage done to the stomach is irreversable. How sad is that! I have no idea what the future has in store for her. She feels sick every day and looks dreadful. She has tried every single medications on the market except Domperidone. At one point she was up to 26 pills a day.......she was going insane from all the drugs. She is off all medications at this point except of course her insulin for the diabetes. If anyone has a similar story I would love to hear about it. Thank you so much! Wendy...a heartbroken mommy

Hi! I've had gastroparesis since March of this year after having an abnormal gastric emptying scan. It's been far from easy and I'm always nauseous and in pain and it seems like the reglan nor the bentyl help. I'm 22 years old. When i was 13 or 14 until I was 21 years old, I had severe migraines that wouldn't go away and I had to miss a lot of school cause of it. I'm really skinny and no matter what I eat, I never gain weight. I guess I found out why back in March. When i was 17, I ate mcdonalds, came home and had spaghetti that my Mom had cooked. The next morning at 5am, I was really sick and didn't make it to the bathroom in time. It was so gross and awful. I stayed home from school for half the week. I wish it would get easier.

I was diagnosed with severe gastroparesis in September 2010. I have been suffering from this since contracting food poisoning from eating a McDonalds in January 2010. During the time it took them to diagnose me I suffered from incredible pains. I would end up doubled up on the floor unable to move because my stomach was not digesting food. I went through a number of tests including MRIs, ultrasounds, x-rays, blood tests and endoscopes amoung others but they still could not diagnose me. After losing a lot of weight I was hospitalised and started NG tube feeding. During that week I had a gastric emptying test which then allowed the doctors to diagnose me with severe gastroparesis. Since being diagnosed I spent 9 and a half months passing NG tubes which is pretty difficult to deal having everyone staring at you with being only 16- 17 at the time. The doctors hoped that the NG feeding would put the weight back on which in turn would allow me to get rid of my gastroparesis. It did help me gain a bit of weight but didnt get rid of the condition. I also had an NJ tube which was passed with an endoscope however this blocked up after about a month so I went back to passing NG tubes for a few months. In July 2011 I had an operation to have a PEG tube inserted which in ways is better as it means people are not able to see it but it does mean I have to be more careful as it is easily caught. My symptoms were mainly the inability to eat a lot and extreme pains however over the past few months I seem to have been developing the sickness symptom which I know so many others have. I seem to be being sick after most things I'm eating and last week the doctors decided that they will soon change my PEG tube to a JPEG which will go into my intestine instead of my stomach. I just wanted to share my story as I have found myself that it is helpful to know that there are others out there with similar problems who understand just how difficult it is to live with this disease. Its difficult to stay positive at times but I think everyone who deals with this is very strong at being able to carry on with life as best they can and I seriously hope one day they find a cure for this as everyone deserves to get a normal life back.

I am 49 and was diagnoed around 8 years ago. Unlike everyone else I have gained so much weight I can't stand it (210) . My children make me eat because they worry that I will die. Personally I could go days without eating because of all of the food that just sits in my stomach. I have 3 children who don't understand and a mother who doesn't understand. I am the only person they have heard of having this illness. I have left work early on occasion because I look nine months pregnant. The people at work don't understand either. Instead of pushing me to eat I wish everyone would leave me alone and let me eat when I'm hungry, not when they are hungry.

ughhh just diagnosed with gastroparesis too....i cant doo anything so nasues all the question how did any of u set up ur surgery for ur gastric long did it take to get in..and did u deal with the surgeon or ur GI..doc..???bc i got diagnosed by my GI doc by doin a gastric emptying study and i feel like im left to do all the rest of the work to find a surgeon that does this surgery

Hi I'm 33 and just wanted to add a few things.<br />
<br />
I was dx with GP aug of last year they said it was idiopathic due to some weird virus. I of cours did not have insurance and was very ill for 8 months and the doctors are still clueless to what I had. The GP was extremely bad and they almost found it to late they were talking about a feeding tube but not sure my ammune system was strong enough and thought I would get a staff infection. I am 5'8 and normally weigh 130 but I got down to 95 lbs I couldn't even keep water down. It seems to have gotten better as all the symptoms I was having have but I myself am not sure if it's gone or will come back. My heart goes out to everyone with this problem. I am back up to normal weight and take protnix everyday I'm scared to stop it. I have a very bad cough and still live with gerd there are certin things that when I eat dosent mesh well and certin things that eat just fine so I stick with what is good. I also told my bf that he better get ready to have a fat gf cause if this ever strikes again loseing 30 something lbs won't hurt. Good luck in finding answers and thanks for sharing your stories

I was diagnosed with gastroparesis (delayed gastric emptying) at 18. The symptoms started as soon as my boyfriend and I broke up when I was 16. And the only symptoms I had were nausea, vomiting and weight loss. Everyone put it down to stress, but when the vomiting happened every morning like clockwork I was urged to go to the doctor for a pregnancy test. I knew that I wasn't but was over vomiting. Especially the undigested food straight after eating which hurt like hell! My GP referred me straight away to thr gastrologist and I had the barium meal and drink. My test results back as delayed gastric emptying. The normal half emptying time for solids was 144 minutes, mine was 444 minutes. I was put on a strict diet and after 6 months of no changes, I ate whatever I liked and accepted vomiting into everyday life. <br />
<br />
Now I know all of you will hate me for this but at 18 I fell pregnant with my first child and within the first month, the vomiting, nausea (and obviously weightloss) completely stoppped! I am now 25, with 2 children and have not had any signs of my GP returning.<br />
<br />
I have no idea how I came to get gasroparesis in the first place, nor how it stopped. But I'm interested to know if this happened to anyone or knows of anyone who's gastoparesis vanished?

I am 26 years old and was just diagnosed with GP. It all started over Thanksgiving, I had a UTI that wouldn't go away (or so we thought!)--so they kept giving me stronger and stronger antibiotics, which made me really sick. My stomach was never the same afterwards, and over Christmas I was in so much pain and had so much nausea (no vomiting) that I ended up in the ER. They said it was a virus, gave me zofran, fluids and dilluaid, and sent me home with phenergan. But the nausea never really went away (though physically I did feel better and the pain was gone, so I probably did have a stomach virus)--especially at night! I never threw up, but I felt so terrible at night; I'd sleep on the couch because sleeping propped up made me feel better. I'm pretty much a newlywed, so this did not bode well for my poor husband either!<br />
<br />
I finally had a GI emptying study, and it said I had mild gastroparesis. So thankful it's mild, but if this is mild I feel for those who have a severe case! They prescribed me Bethanocol, which is actually a drug to help with bladder emptying, but it works on the smooth muscle in the stomach too (it's an off-label use). I take it 30min before eating and before bed. Today is my first day on it so I don't know how well it will work yet, but not side effects so far! They also gave me Tigran for nausea, I took one last night but it gave me weird dreams so I don't think I'll use that often if I can help it.<br />
<br />
I find that protein (animal, not plant) is hardest for me to digest. I'm already lactose intolerant, so I drink almond milk. The bigger the meal the crappier I feel too. I also feel very nauseous if I am too hungry.<br />
<br />
I'm glad to know I'm not alone!!