I Have Gastroparesis

I have gastroparesis too and have had it undiagnosed and untreated for the past 6 terrible years! My gastric emptying time is 5+ hours and I suffer from chronic constipation--it takes all morning and into the afternoon for the bowels to finally move, but I never get the emptied feeling, so I'm always plugged up and always bloated and in really bad discomfort and some pain in the lower right abdominal area.

Can anyone out there comment on any of the therapies--natural and allopathic-- that have helped in any way? Any comments on gastric electrical stimulation, or on any of the herbal formulas including Pertenton (from New Zeland), Trenical, Pranofax, Gastrotab, Segratax, and the homeopathic preparation Astratin--all of which are advertized on the internet???

Are any of them helpful and worth purchasing???


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I have had gastro paresis and sleep apnea with severe weakness and nausea and acid reflux. Trenical and Thorne Amino Complex and the sleep apnea remedy of using the CPAP machine have all eliminated stomach nausea, increased absorption and greatly increased energy, elimination and well being as well as reducing acid reflux. I am very pleased and continue to improve.

for me its esophargal candida thats causing my stomach to malfunction and i will try and go after it with a saltwater fast. I find that my stomach gets relief when i hold saltwater in my mouth for lengths of tie ergo this conclusion

Hi I also have the condition and while it doesn't take care of all the symptoms I found that the herbal laxative Puritans Pride purchased online was the only thing helped with my constipation.

i've been looking for tranicel. anyone know where to find it?

use www.duckduckgo.com. I buy trenical from England, it is shipped from Singapore, and comes from Pakistan. My Physician looked at the herbs listed and said they were O.K. It took 6 weeks to get and costs $119.99.

i've been looking for tranicel. anyone know where to get it?

has any of the doctors ever mentioned your appendix? i would say you probably have gastroparesis because i just got diagnosed with it, but most of my pain is in my lower left, & all over the upper part of my abdomen. get a colonoscopy done, the prep is horrible but its worth it after .

i read your comment about right abdominal pain and if it has to do with constipation...i have been recently diagnosed with gastritis esophagitis and gastroparesis after getting a sub total cholectomy a year ago for colon inertia...and i am no longer constipated..although now i have chronic nausea and vomitting and chronic abdominal pain..and it mostly occurs in my right lower stomach..so although your pain could be from constipation it could also be from a number of other things...QUICK QUESTION FOR ANYONE OUT THERE: I have tried Twice now to do the Gastric Emptying Nuclear test to find out how slow my stomach actually is..this will determine whether or not i need a pace maker for my stomach...i just keep throwing up the eggs with the dye in it. Has anyone undergone..or know about any other test or way to find out how slow my stomach is? thanks

Your story is my life. I am much older than you...I may have had this issue for 5-8 years or as long as 23 years...There are many other tests. I remember 2 years ago when they found a I had a large blcokage of uneaten food and fecal matter....made no sense...It was almost 2 years ago, when I had this pain upper quad right side...Pain enough to describe like I was punched and over and over again...would last for 15-20 minutes and was everyday...I went to 9 gastro doctors for help only to have them say, there is no problem....the worst part..them telling me that I shouldn't be taking pain meds (took very little at home) there is nothing wrong and I should see a therapist...The week of Thanksgiving on the way to my inlaws the pain became incredibly bad....we went to some hospital by luck that was good for various GI issues..The resident doctor told me I was wasting peoples time..My husband has a cousin that works as a doctor who asked them to do a "Hideascan" noninvasive..he told me we will do it I am 99% sure there is NOTHING wrong with you...He was sitting on my bed as I returned a few hours later...I knew in my heart, he was there because they found something..or it was going to be him tearing me out of a wheel chair..and throwing me out the door.. He said well I have some good news and bad news...I could care less..say it...Your gallbladder is heavily diseased, scarred from many attacks, sludge all around it and not working by even 8% min is 38%. it needs to come out.The "Bad news...we think there's something else...But no one checked..I have all symptoms of Gastroparesis...I had tested methods everything but that emptying scan..so many xrays and MRI's Cat scans moltility tests...horrible gastritis, hiatl hernas and more...Some people were able to get me into Mayo 2 times they have special studies just for this...BUT..I would have to go 2 weeks without any pain meds....I cannot do that..I have episodes almost daily and sometimes I cannot take oral meds...allergic to so many pain meds..never realy has caused blockage was always careful...I too was told anything from "possible" tolerance to opiods...yet no one would test me..and for 2 years the same low dose works..You become flagged...and I have. So most of the time, I stay in my room behind these 4 walls in the state where I have no support not really any friends I left it all for my husband to pursue his career..I had a very successful one..came here and well...someday I will share what that career is....I have a beautiful daughter, who sees her mommy in bed most of the time..and know someday she will speak of this...I want to go back to my support system my husband isn't budging...seems like everyone want's to do a scan...cat scan if I have the emptying scan that is nuclear medicine...and I don't want to have more testing only to find 5 years later I have cancer...My only regret in life was that I said yes to moving here...I may have many people around me..for reasons I will explain later..they are not my friends..They are ones who get BIG attention for the things I do for a living..I know cronic nausea...You may want to try Benedryl and Zofran..I learned this from Mayo clinic on their website for Gastrop...It helps at times...I am not diabetic which they say many have this who are...I would try the barium study which is less invasive..there is a ultrasound that also has this...ERCP..dye enhanced ultrasound for contractions...no radiation...small camera study...you can ask to be asleep which I did during a reg endoscopy...the camera shows how long it takes to bet through your stomach intestines it takes about 24 hours and does give results remotely...I hope this helps..Sometimes it's not found at all even with the emptying study...IBS is a sydrome which soon you will learn doesn't exist. I don't know when but soon...It was used as the" I have no idea what you have disease name"...I would not accept that exuse people..I am trying hard to accept this...it has destroyed who I am in many ways..based on the name calling the misdiagnosis and now trying to cope with this weekly...Right now, I am on intravenous food...I have a port...anemic and too much iron in my body...so due to being malnourished...this is how I make sure I don't lose this battle starving...What is the pain like for most and do you get pain meds? If so what works? I dont tolerate reglan at all and the other meds which give side effects I would rather die than have those on top of this issue...

I was diagnosed a year ago & took kapidex for 3 months I noticed a difference but am not really into taking medications so thank you all for your recommendations. I will certainly look into it. Good luck to everyone.

try tranicel sorted my gastroparesis out in a week,18months of that was enough for me,my stomache is emptying normally now thank god,western medicine couldnot help,tranicel is from an ancient herbal medical system in pakistan,divya garash choorna is another product yoga.com they sat it works instantly,you take a little bit in warm water after eating,twice a day,they reckon it works instantly,do it for 2 months,your stomache will be back to normal,best wishes michael

Have the same issues. My GI & GP Dr's. both recommended Miralax. It has helped!

My dr. put me on Miralax to get more water in the colon to help with the constipation.

Hello,<br />
Your story sounds familiar. I started out seeing an accupuncturist because of the pain in the lower right quadrant, but it didn't really help. My condition got progressively worse, and at the time I didn't have health insurance. I searched on the internet for may months and years and thought over the years that I had a sever case od intestinal Candida. I treated the Candida for years with natural therapies, but nothing made me feel better. i actually got a lot worse. I had already changed my diet drastically and stuck to it faithfully, but to no avail. I was at a loss and feeling worse all the time. I finally went to see a doctor for my chronic constipation and digestive issues. I had taken to laxatives and enamas and they didn't help, but made the problem worse. I saw three different GI doctors and all of them diagnosed me with IBS, and they actually told me that they put all people with digestive disorders in one category: IBS, but that they really don't know what it is or what causes it. I took their medications and they didn't help. I was on enzymes and colostrum and lots of super potent probiotics--none of them did the trick. Believe it or not, after 6 years, I finallly got to feeling an improvement when I started to drink organic raw cultured milk!! I ate it like yogurt! Five servings a day. Wow, I couldn't believe the difference! At that point I did once again a host of more exams: a second colonoscopy, ultrasounds, gastric emptying--and then we finally got it nailed down--I was born with an enlarged stomach which is sluggish by its very size and discovered that my gastric emptying time is 5+ hours!! I was so relieved it wasn't candida and I was so relieved to know what it is. So let me tell you what I'm trying as far as medication: No reglan, but yes Domperidone and Enzypride which is a medicated enzyme. These I take with each meal. However, in the past week I have tried something that is making such a dramatic difference that I highly reccommend it to you if you are not affaraid of trying something totally natural--and you don't need a prescription. I actually got it at Rite Aid or any big pharmacy. It's called Align. It's cheap, has NO side effects and it works!!! It in fact works!!! I am still in disbelief, but today is the 7th day, and iIalmost feel like a normal person, like a new person. Let me know if you decide to try it and whether you notice a change.<br />
All the best.

Thanks for writing back :)<br />
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I have seen a GI doctor, but not since he diagnosed me. I was working with him to diagnose what was going on (I initially went in for the lower right pain and had a CAT scan, ultrasound, HIDA scan and finally the gastric emptying study --4.5 hours for emptying time) and haven't seen him since. I was thinking about making another appointment soon as my symptoms have been worse the last few weeks. I've also seen a dietician and have been slowly able to modify my diet, although I'll still eat things I know I shouldn't. <br />
<br />
I haven't tried any of the medications because I really don't want to experience any of the side effects and I haven't become that desperate yet. I will try the meds before I need to have any kind of surgery though.<br />
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What treatments have you gone through? Anything helpful?<br />
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Best to you as well and thank you

Your question about whether the lower right abd pain is from constipation is the same question I've had for a long time...but all the doctors I've gone to never commented and pretty much ignored the question. But now that you thought the same thing, it seems to me that it must be pain from mpacted stool in there. When I had my colonoscopy it was preciseley that area that was still impacted with stoll even though I had done the bowel cleansing they require you to do before a colonoscopy. In my case, that precise pain area was still impacted, and I imagine it's because we have such sluggish peristaltic movement throughout the whole digestive tract that the stool remains in there for a long time, ferments, we bloat and because we are constipated, the stool stays in there even longer and worsens the whole problem.<br />
Have you gone to see any doctors about the gatroparesis? I would be interested in knowing. Have you troied any sort of medication at all?<br />
<br />
Best to you

I haven't tried any of the medications...I'm too scared to. You are the first person I've come across to mention lower right abdominal pain...I have that too (it's what got me to the doc in the first place). Is it from constipation? <br />
<br />
Hope you are doing well