Gastroparesis....gastronomicus According to Friends

I was diagnosed with idiopathic gastroparesis in late February of this year.  It was originally treated as peptic ulcers because I felt like I was on fire within seconds of eating anything and was rapidly losing weight.  I'm an athletic trainer at a high school right now, and could barely do my job during spring sports because I was so fatigued.  I have progressed to the point of losing 20 lbs, and I have constant nausea that even zofran won't touch.  I have managed to maintain my hydration a little better the past month, but my bloodwork shows my nutrition levels dropping so I may need a feeding tube soon.  I can't keep solid foods down very well at all.  I did my own gastric emptying exam and found salad 8....yes 8 hours later. 


All medications have failed (reglan which is death in a pill, erythro, and domperidone).  The pyloric sphyncter injection of botox was denied by my insurance.  I am waiting on a doc appt with the only guy in the northwest that can prescribe something called propulsid which was taken off the market in 2000.  Does anyone know much about this medication and its use for gastroparesis as well as its efficacy?  The GES was also denied by my insurance so we must appeal for that as well.   I'm nauseated 24/7 whether I eat or not.  I get the shakes and can't move my body if I don't eat, but if I eat solids I throw them up from severe nausea.  It's a really crappy cycle that I can't break.

I'm here because I just need to know how others deal with this.  I'm 22 years old and got sick right after accepting a graduate assistant athletic training position at a division I university.  I'm a tough cookie and although I throw up solid foods, eat a lot of baby food, and am depressed, I only missed a couple days of work because my doctor made me.  They've ran every test in the book and can't find a single reason behind the cause of this.  Super.  At 22 it takes all my energy to go out and see friends but I'm upset.  I see others my age having fun and living their lives, and although I am thankful I'm alive and this isn't more serious, it's hard to deal with something that shuts down your life and ruins your dreams.  Its summer time and I can't work collegiate sport camps because I'm constantly drained, fatigued, and by the time I have the energy to go do something fun just the thought of it has exhausted me.  People at work call me skeletor because I've lost so much weight.  Thank god they helped me get through my spring sports, I have such great athletes and coaches I wouldn't have made it without them, but it's still a struggle.  If I go do something fun it lands me on the couch or in bed for days after.  My sleep isn't restorative, I don't this a similar story to other people??? If anyone has advice I would really love it.  Thanks all, and good luck to everyone else as well.

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I am 23, finishing up my second to last week of nursing school, engaged, and have been sick since September. I know what you are going through. Im depressed as hell right now. I've lost atleast 14 lbs already. I am trying my hardest to finish school.

We have been expierencing somewhat same, only worst! I will skip all the details for now. But my only suggestion is to talk to your doctor about placing a "J - Tube". This might help. Good luck
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It's frustrating so many of us - 4% - have this and yet nobody I know so far had ever heard of it until I mentioned it. I took Reglan for a long time years ago, no warnings given to me but even though it was "suggested" for me by a past GI I'd already read up on all the risks, so no way. I took Propulsid years ago and it worked like a dream - my stomach emptied out easily and although I ended up feeling a bit hungry 24/7, that feeling felt good because it was better than the alternative. In time my past GI let me know Propulsid had been pulled from the general market and I would have to start seeing another doctor quite a drive away just to get it. Still I didn't realize just how risky it was, so I went. I was told I would have to have blood tests every 3 months at his office, not covered by insurance, or I could not have it. Only then did I recognize this stuff can kill you. What about PPIs??? Prilosec/Nexium worked for me for many years but eventually stopped working, so I'm on a new one for now that does not seem to work as well, but until I see him again soon that's what I've got to take.

I know that feeling, wondering if you're halfway nuts or if it's even real. It's real, lots of us have GP and the alternative treatments seem to be considered experimental so are not covered expenses. Those who do not have this condition have NO CLUE how miserable the days and nights are, and so many of us - myself included - don't really even know how they got it. I've been informed you CAN get it from stress, from GERD, from meds, or no reason is ever really determined.


That is one of the most frustrating things. The lack of understanding of those around you. Not being a well known condition it seems to be misunderstood. Not sure how to deal with that. Always Advice from loved ones who have no idea as to what you are going through but easy to give advice from sidelines when you are not feeling the symptoms that keep coming day after day. I always feel like tomorrow will be better but so far that is not the case.

It does not help that I question my own sanity. Am I sick...... Am I really sick or just going through some sort of mental breakdown. Mind is a strong instrument and I begin to question after twelve months whether I am organically sick or mentally sick causing physical symptoms. It is no help that GI provider seems tom have no answers. They are sending me to University San Fransisco where they have a specialty clinic, so hopefully perhaps some answers. Lacking organic issues which tests seem to rule out for me I tend to think if not the cause, certainly stress exacerbates the condition. regardless of cause it is a horrendous condition. Lost 60 pounds (30 of which I needed to lose ) in 9 months. Regardless of cause we should not minimize the effects and make sure we try to get some nutrition to keep going from day to day.

Something I admit I am now only beginning to understand. Not unlike the teenage girl with bulimia or anorexia. I think the analogy is appropriate other then the motivation.
Do not mean to

I was on Propulsid for several years and felt FABULOUS while on it. I felt constantly hungry but it was a lot better than the way it WAS, it actually felt good because I knew it was doing what it was supposed to do. Few doctors are allowed to prescribe it anymore and it means serious monitoring if you can even GET it nowdays. It was implicated in fatal heart conditions, as I recall, so my GI at the time eventually convinced me the risk wasn't worth it. Erythromycin and Domperidone also carry their own risks, so be careful. The botox injection apparently is not done all that often, but I met a woman who had SEVERE GP who paid the $800 herself in desperation was symptom-free for about a year last time I saw her, and she was able to eat anything she wanted again. I don't know if that result is common. I'm unsure right now if Dexilant is the "fix" for me, my new GI believed at my first appt. with him that Nexium had finally fizzled out on me, so he switched me to 60mg of Dexilant once a day. Unfortunately, for me it does NOT last 24 hours, so I obviously need to contact him again. I'm experimenting on my own taking Nexium twice a day as I had for years just to test this out. I have severe GERD, so I'm still unsure what it is that's causing the constant nausea. It's the pits when your stomach is always on the fritz, you feel too sick to do anything. You are likely malnourished, which leads to all the tiredness. Wishing you some relief.

I was originally diagnosed with a stomach ulcer. It came on about 3 days before going on an overseas holiday which I was really excited about. Got to Vietnam and was so sick I didnt want to move out of the hotel. Went to a vietnamese doctor who specialised in tropical diseases and he promptly diagnosed me with gastritis, giving me ant-acids and medication on a 3day course... I have no idea what they were because it was written in vietnamese!.. Was pretty sick throughout the holiday but the medication and ant-acid helped loads. Curiously I had the same symptoms 1 1/2 years earlier for my wedding. Got back to Australia and the doctor gave me Nexium. This still works but I try not to take it unless I have to. 3months later the symptoms are still here, had an endoscopy and biopsy with negative results for ulcer... I am now going for a gastric emptying scan this week. Reading all the information I am positive I have Gastroparesis. Will check back in with the results
Interestingly I got diagnosed with ovarian cysts when I was a teenager as some of the other bloggers mentioned too!

I've had GP for probably 7 years along with a lifetime of GERD. The GP had no symptoms until about 2 years ago. One GI pretty much sent me away with ranitidine, which I've learned does nothing for GP so I assume they kept giving it to me to prevent a recurrence of gastritis I'd developed. My new GI believes Nexium has fizzled out after using it for 20 long years, so he's switched me to Dexilant and I'm just keeping my fingers, toes and eyes crossed that it works as well as Nexium did. Since I'm LUCKY and don't throw up (yeah, so lucky...) we're switching to another scrip now. I took Propulsid for a number of years a long time ago when it was openly prescribed, and then it wasn't, so bye bye Propulsid - like Reglan, it can be deadly, anyway, but Lordy, did it ever work - it emptied my stomach so nicely and I felt GREAT taking it. Seems like no matter what scrip we start, it's exactly like all the commercials on t.v. these days - they all seem to tell us about 20 different possible side effects we might get. Zofran does help but good grief, the price - plus most insurance will only allow you 9 per month. You need to avoid anything high fiber to avoid possible intestinal blockage and almost anything high fat, although a small amount of high fat apparently should be okay. I've been advised to avoid drinking along with a meal, since it just fills you up even faster, and then you won't finish EATING. I met a woman not long ago who has severe GP and the GI she was seeing did do the botox injection, and she has been symptom free for nearly a year and eating anything she wants again. Like you, her insurance refused to cover it since it's still experimental, but she paid for it herself - $800, I am not a candidate for that. Not being able to eat anything I want is not the issue for me, it's simply feeling good again instead of having constant nasty nausea and zero appetite. I hope the Dexilant helps, if not I don't know what to do, Nexium worked wonders for GERD for me for so long, but I'm trying to think positive - I switched to this same GI this week and will start Dexilant tonight. It's the same category as Nexium but has a time-delayed thing to it so it kicks in twice a day and means one pill a day. I think I tried the old version of it many years ago with no luck, but I honestly don't recall. This doctor also recommended Elavil to help me to sleep - apparently it relieves quite a few symptoms that often go hand in hand with GP like depression without causing stomach trouble like so many newer antidepressants do, plus it helps you to sleep - I also start that one tonight. This disease really does sap all of your energy and you don't want to do ANYTHING, I hibernate these days, just don't feel well so activities or dinner out? Not interested. It's so strange to find I have zero interest in food anymore, I stock the kitchen and fridge with tempting stuff and end up tossing it later. Many of us learn we just have to keep searching for a doctor who's up to date - my last GI offered me NO hope, no alternatives, no treatment whatsoever, simply sent me on my way with a useless scrip. So all I know to do is keep trying, something has to help. Wish you luck finding the right doctor and getting the help you deserve to find. Don't give up, even though it feels hopeless.

It is hard dealing with the providers when there is no apparent organic reason for this sickness. yet it is extremely dibilitating.

Good days have been far and few between. A good day now is about 60 percent of where I would normally be and I relish the 60 percent.

Am just coming to terms with this. Thought it was a passing event but does not appear to be the case. Difficult with those around me as there is not a solid diagnosis as in "you have cancer" which would likely elicit more sympathy or at least understanding. Very frustrating.

Does not seem to matter what med's they have given me. Just can't keep anything down on consistent basis. I will say, it is nice to have a chocolate shake and not worry about the calories but would love to be able to once again eat a steak without getting sick within a few minutes after.

I am 54 and have always had digestive problems since I was a teen. Rolaid's have been constant companion since I can remember.

I have my own business so I do not have to worry about my employment status but this condition has severely inhibited my effectiveness and business is suffering.

Very frustrating situation which I am not sure does not contribute to the problem. Is this just a stress induced disease or is there something organic. I am not sure of either and which one would be the better, just know this grows old. Organic should have an outcome and stress is something that is with in my ability to manage yet I don't know if the stress is a result of the disease or caused the disease?.

Zofran does not seem to ease symptoms. I take clonidine which helps with stress level. Not something I have heard from others but a great alternative to narcotics as a stress reducer. Narcotics and alcohol will increase symbols I think, at least with me so I refrain from them although I have been prescribed narcotic anti depressants. Feel good until you wake up so my suggestion is stay away.

Terrible condition but hopefully manageable. We all must remember we do not have cancer or some other death sentence. Perhaps a feeding tube but we can all adjust. Hang tough and maybe like my Dr. Said, for those of us with idiopathic (meaning dr's are idiots and do not have an answer) GP it will eventually resolve itself. One can only hope and pray

Has a gastric pacemakers been brought up??? I attend Cleveland clinic for my gp as well as many other issues and they want to insert one on me. I'm holding off as long as possible for that or the feeding tube but it may be something u r interested in. I know not a lot of people do them u really have to go to a top notch facility for it but hey it may help

I was on prepulsid for approx. a year after being diagnosed with gp almost a year earlier. Prepulsid is on authorized restriction here in Aus, and one needs to trial all other medicines available, have psychological evaluation, and all other terribly invasive tests in order to get approval. Your diet remains restricted at first but eventually it becomes close to normal. Prepulsid also had in my instance at least far less psychological side effects than other drugs used to treat gp - stematil made me mad. However, its effect on the heart can make itself known - palpitations, sleeplessness, restlessness etc. though for me an erratic heartbeat was already a symptom of malnutrition. At any rate, prepulsid was my pick of the litter from the drugs available, that and a carefully portioned diet and yoga.

My best friend has been diagnosed with GP. I read that you have not been able to find what caused yours. Have you ever taken the acne medication Acutane? There might be a link between the two. I really hope you get the help and relief you need. Will keep you in my prayers! God Bless.

You should be on 8mg of Zofran. If it doesn't work, ask doctor for Tigan, an older drug. Do not eat solid foods. For a year straight I was on clear liquids-popcicles, jello, broth, and Enlive drinks. Go to and look for Enlive. If you can tolerate full liquids-milk, smoothies, things you can't see through, then go with Ensure. Stop eating! Finally ask to be prescribed Lactulose-wonder drug for me. It's the only way my bowels will move. Good luck!

Yes! I relate I used to be a very competitive runner state winning matieral or do my coach said, but I kept losing weight and feeling sick and vomiting. After a while it wasn't fun anymore. I quit. After numerous doctors saying it was an eating disorder , solely because I was a runner, I began to vomit blood. I got a test it was comforted I had gadtroparisis . No one seemed to help a lot and poo pooed it as nothing. I did my own research and found a book " living well with gadtroparisis " it was so helpful. There is something called a neurostimulator it sends electrical impulses to your stomach and makes it work better. That with proper diet could get u ba k to doing whAt u love. I understand, it is not a fix all but this book can definitely help u manage this overlooked condition

I am 24, was diagnosed almost a year ago with gastroparesis. I've been intrigued reading you all's stories and how this came about for you all. Seems like a lot of you had symptoms that gradually showed up after several years? I was on spironolactone for PCOS and it is accepted as the cause for my GP. It always gave me horrible heartburn...but my symptoms were SUDDEN. I got heartburn & reflux so bad I was literally drinking antacids all day and eating tums like candy..nothing helped. Prilosec didn't help. I kept going in to my doctor & complaining telling them nothing was working. Long story short I ended up at a gastro, got an endoscopy & a gastric emptying study & it showed that my stomach was delayed. Anyone else have this from a medication? Or the only symptom being horrible heartburn? I also do bloat like I'm pregnant when I eat. But no nausea or vomiting ever (thank the Lord).

it is very hard to deal with because others don't get it mostly? But hang in there... keep your "strong" attitude. No one should be able to take your pride or strength from ignorance! It will take a few years for this condition to be "KNOWN" about the way it should... but it will happen. Prayers!

Justmfound this site and my third post. Jodooley seems to be speaking tomthose around us who do notnunderstand how we are feeling. Hardest part of this as far as I am concerned. One thing to miss a little work, another to have loved ones questioning your heart. My wife turned me on to this site and I think it helped her understand the day to day frustration of being sick.

I seem to throw up daily and in between just feel terrible. No energy and worse no motivation or ability to think on a consistent basis which is difficult in that we are business owners.

That being said I think it is important to push ourselves. Eat a yogurt, a shake, whatever your stomach will allow. Do not sit back and let this consume you. Fight back. Med's do not seem to make a difference but I continue to investigate different foods. Ice cream, yoghurt, bland scrambled eggs seem to stay down. pasta seems to stay down (Mac and cheese seems to work for some unknown reason).

I think the important thing is to not give up. If it is idiopathic I tend to think we have the ability to overcome. For those with diabetes just another unfortunate symptom. For the rest of us mind over matter. Find what you can tolerate and do not give up. Lots of life ahead for us all

I have had this for I don't know how long but got official diagnosis about 5 years ago. I don't usually have nausea but bloating like you wouldn't believe. Wake up with a relatively flat stomach (I am 53) and by the time I am in bed it looks like I'm six months pregnant. I really only eat 1 small meal a day and graze the rest of the time. It is no fun to go out to eat because I am so bloated when I get home. None of the medicines usually prescribed work. And the prescribed diets are contrary to what all the health food specialists tell you to eat so what is a person to do?

im 16 and ive been sick since i was ten resently rhis year i lost 20 kilos and everyone thought i had an eating disorder. I was admitted to a childrens hospital to get help but instead they treated me like an animal one of the nurses made me clean my on vomit off the floor, after i came out of that hospital i went to another where they found out i had gastroparesis thats where i am now and i currently have a naso gastric tube that bypasses my stomach down my throat and im in constant pain both mentaly and physically and im scared of whats going to happen this is my first time talking about my condition like this im hopeing it will help.

im 16 and ive been sick since i was ten resently rhis year i lost 20 kilos and everyone thought i had an eating disorder. I was admitted to a childrens hospital to get help but instead they treated me like an animal one of the nurses made me clean my on vomit off the floor, after i came out of that hospital i went to another where they found out i had gastroparesis thats where i am now and i currently have a naso gastric tube that bypasses my stomach down my throat and im in constant pain both mentaly and physically and im scared of whats going to happen this is my first time talking about my condition like this im hopeing it will help.

i have been going to a specialist since last september. i feel like i'm dying. funny enough, he didn't diagnose this disorder. it took my g.p. to give me 4 hour radiated egg test. sure enough i got it. so mad for all the nausea and burning pain i had that specialist didn't look into. life is one unsurfferable hell. i have drank in 25 years, but if don't get comfort soon, i'm going back. life is too short to put up with this ****. i feel angry with God and am a ***** to live with. too much to handle.

i have been going to a specialist since last september. i feel like i'm dying. funny enough, he didn't diagnose this disorder. it took my g.p. to give me 4 hour radiated egg test. sure enough i got it. so mad for all the nausea and burning pain i had that specialist didn't look into. life is one unsurfferable hell. i have drank in 25 years, but if don't get comfort soon, i'm going back. life is too short to put up with this ****. i feel angry with God and am a ***** to live with. too much to handle.

In May 2006 I drank some wine (cheap?) and later threw up twice. In July I again drank some wine (not a full glass) and later my stomach felt upset. This feeling continued until I finally went to my surgeon whose nurse told me they could help.. After several weeks on antiacid nothing changed. I was sent for various tests including upper g.i., endoscopy and later an mri. After mri they thought they saw a gas pocket and I was scheduled for surgery. The surgeon found nothing. My stomach felt better for awhile (not incision) because I had had a tube in stomach during and after surgery that took out all the old stuff. <br />
After a few weeks I made appt with a gastrointerologist and he asked no questions and sent me for another MRI. When I finally got the results there was nothing. During this entire period I went to see different doctors and the emergency room. I had such discomfort/pain and noone could help. Eventually I made an appt with another gastrointerologist and he sent me for gastric emptying test. Results: I had gastroparesis.<br />
He put me on reglan and I was already on an antiacid and a pill for depression/to help relax stomach or something. After a couple of years I went from 3 reglan a day to 2. Skip forward to Oct. 2010. I got a severe case of diarreah. Both my g.p. and gastro docs told me to stop taking reglan.<br />
I was fine until July 2011 when my German host poured another glass of wine for me. My stomach felt upset afterwards and all night long. The next day the feeling was the same as I had had in '06. Nearly a month has passed and I still have the same unsettled feeling in stomach.<br />
I have not given up wine or coffee. I don't think that all wines nor coffee have affected my stomach.<br />
I have never had diabetes or virus that would cause gastroparesis. I somehow believe that these certain wines play a roll. Anyone have any answers?

I've had GP for about 10 years. I took Reglan for a short time and agree that it's death in a pill. My GI doctor also gave up on me with no helpful suggestions. I have other health problems that led me to an acupuncturist (chinese medical doctor) who said I needed to fix my digestive system before anything else could be healed. He gave me herbs with the acupuncture. After literally 2 or 3 days my GP symptoms started improving (I wasn't even going to him for that). Within 2 weeks I felt normal. I believe that it was the herbs not the acupuncture that did it. He gave me huo xiang zheng qi pian. It's for stomach problems but I think more like if you get the flu or something. I don't know much about it but my guess is that it's not for long term use. My stomach stayed good until I ate a big meal and everything shut down again. Another one that worked for me that seems to be more to improve your digestive system is jian pi pian. It worked AFTER I had stopped the acupuncture. Anyway, I'm not recommending anything but I can say that I've tried the medication and it had little to no success, I'm trying super healthy eating (2 1/2 yrs now) and that doesn't seem to be helping, I've tried homemade yogurt (probiotics), and I tried the chinese herbs and the herbs are the only thing that worked. The problem is what the heck is in it and is it okay to take? You can buy online. I used but there is another one too. Also for constipation: Triphala (2 before bed), Fiber One (14 g of fiber per half cup), and psyllium (for me 1/2 cup of Fiber One and 2 tbsp of psyllium before bed makes me go big the next morning).

I have had to make a COMPLETE life change in order to feel like I am human. I have found that it is trial and error to see what works, and what I can tolerate.<br />
I eat only soft foods every 2-3 hours. No milk,( I eat lots of greek yogurt) no carbonation, no coffee ( I drink green ginger tea in the morning) No meat, no wheat or anything high in fat.( I do eat rice pudding) I bought a juicer to get the nutrients my body needs, but you still cannot use fibrous vegetable (like celery, cukes, etc.), because the are hard to digest. I feel pretty good having made these changes, and accepting that I will have this forever.<br />
I also exercise daily, it seems to help with the digestion process, plus I have more energy. I take NO medications, the side effects from the meds were horrible and I do not want to make the pharmaceutical companies richer.<br />
I also found that acupuncture helps. I take a raw vegetarian vitamin supplement every day..<br />
My symptoms were severe bloating, pain, nausea and severe acid reflux.<br />
As long as I follow this plan strictly I feel pretty good

Wow its amazing we all suffer from this craziness. 1 week after my 31st birthday I experienced really bad stomach pains after lunch and ended up vomiting and diahrea later that evening. Every since then life has been h*ll. I went for blood work and x-rays because I had a horrible knawing pain in my chest and bad reflux which I had, but this was different. I thought I had ulcers. The x-rays were not conclusive enough so I went for a CT scan. The CT showed no blockage and they gave me regalen which made me have diahrea and extreme fatigue, so I quit taking it. Since none of that worked my doctor refered me to a GI doctor. He send me for an endoscope which so far I do not know the results except there was a polyp. Then it got even worse. I had HORRIBLE stomach pains everytime I ate or drank, so I quit eatting or drinking and ended up in er. I have some sort of infection according to the UA results that the er did not tell me about. I think its a kidney infection b/c I told them my back ached really bad for the last few days. I went the next day for a stomach emptying scan. I hopefully will know more Monday. The nurse did tell me she could tell it was slower than normal. I am on Dexilant (nexium wasn't working any more), sulcrafate, and Dicyclomine. The dicyclomine at least helps me eat with out "gut" wrenching pains. I am so frustrated b/c for two years prior to this I had my gallbladder out, my appendix, and my right ovary. I suffer also from endometriosis. Life sucks for me all this sickness is too much! :(

I am so sorry to hear you have suffered with this disease---I just got diagnosed but feel fearful something is really wrong...I had my gallbladder out in Aug. after a month of constant nausea---after surgery, the nausea never went away so finally after four months of misery and every test in the books, I finally had a gastric emptying test which showed slow gastric emptying...I have pain in my left ribs and back---have had this pain for 5 years---sometimes it is un front too---do you have pain with your gastroparesis? I am on Erythromycin and my nausea is better---I also take Protonix and Carafate and zantac.....How were you diagnosed?

Gastroparesis is delayed gastric emptying/digestion. Normally in diabetics, but can be idiopathic (unknown, thus Idiopathic Gastroparesis (IG). Poor digestion of stomach muscle due to a damaged vagus nerve that controls digestion. These are some things I've learned over the past 2 yrs after being diagnosed. <br />
<br />
Always keep in the house: chicken noodle soup (mainly for the broth)- to slowly work your way back to food after a flare up, gatorade- to replace electrolytes after vomiting, saltine crackers, milk- to coat the stomach lining, ginger ale/sprite- a substitute until for can get food, Domperidone (prescribed for nausea)- doesn't work during a flare up. Keep peppermints with you daily. <br />
<br />
Take an acid reducer like Prilosec (prescribed or OTC) every night to help with the overnight buildup of the acid in the stomach due to an emptiness. It says take every morning b4 you eat anything, but it seems to work better for me overnight b/c it doesn't cause all day nausea. <br />
<br />
Eat/drink MORE blended or easily to digest foods. Soups & smoothies are great. Pasta is great also. Take vitamins daily b/c unhealthy eating results in brittle/dry hair/nails/skin. Eat smaller meals. Eat every 3-4 hours to avoid flare ups & acid buildup. Take a fiber vitamin (my choice ('Advanced Fiber' gummy vitamins from wal-mart) to make sure there's a daily bowel movement. I've just began taking a probiotic to see if it works for the stomach. Drink more milk to help coat the stomach (like for ulcers). <br />
<br />
Refrain from alcohol (beer & light-colored liquor), mustard, OJ/oranges, pineapples & juice, energy drinks or shots, tough to digest meats/vegetables/fruit skins. Avoid greasy/fried foods. Charbroiled burgers (Burger King) works better than any other as well as Ground Chuck & not Ground Beef. Avoid coffee. Don't stress. Get plenty of sleep. Sleep also helps with flare ups. Don't eat spicy foods. Baked fish is good. REFRAIN FROM TAKING "Acetaminophen" or drinking Coffee, it brings on flareups. <br />
<br />
I too had off & on bouts maybe once a month for about 3-5 yrs before it finally hit me. So maybe it was GP all along.<br />
<br />
I haven't lost any weight once I've learned how to maintain a decent diet. Drink ensure or the like when you're not getting much in weekly. The only alcohol I can take is beer (heinekens) or merlot in moderation. Anything else leaves me in a 16 hr plus flare up. <br />
<br />
I have not had any pain from this issue. I use to have major bloating (like pregnant), but not anymore. I always keep ginger ale's in my bag/car/house just in case. When the food finally digest you become hungry again fast. So if I can't get to food right away, I'll just sip on a ginger ale until then. It always work. If I've waited too long, then I may have to take a Domperidone also. <br />
<br />
I was put on Reglan 1st for about a week when one day I was about to drive thru a redlight at an intersection. It made me tired & I had leg pain. Never again!<br />
Just be observant until you learn what does & does not work for you. Check with a doctor & online to see what treatments are available. Goodluck! <br />
<br />
SN# Domperidone is sold cheaper online rather than the few pharmacies that sells it in the US.

I was diagnosed with gastroparesis in January after not feeling well for over 4 years, just contributed it to getting older, I am now 46, I have lost over 50 pounds and people say I look anorexic now. I sometimes feel like I cant function, but I feel like the doctors just dont relate to how I feel, and that im just a whiner, sometimes I wonder if Im dying. I am about ready to quit my job that Ive had for 13 years because I just cant handle it anymore. Does anyone else feel like their doctors just dont get it?

Hi, I'm 36 and just recently diagnosed with GP 2.5 months ago. I had a wonderful LAST meal of prime rib with salad, baked potato, bread, and pound cake for dessert.....woke up the next morning sick as a dog and it's been hell ever since!! Now that I think back, I'd get these little 24-72 hour "bugs" over the last few years where I'd just be really nauseous. I think it may have been GP all along, but it would go away in a few days so I'd assume it was just a bug. My main symptoms are constant nausea and some bloating. Fortunately I don't experience pain with mine, but get bad headaches and exhaustion from not eating or getting the proper nutrients. Some days I can eat soft foods like baked potatoes, chocolate pudding, chicken, etc., but then some days I can only handle chicken broth with soggy crackers. It's been a bad week where I can barely take in anything and I worry that one day I may have to have a feeding tube. Of course I always think the worst, but it's hard not to when you feel so sick all of the time. I've lost 25 lbs so far and still losing. Who would have thought that my life would change this drastically overnight!!?! <br />
<br />
I haven't had coffee or caffeine since getting sick, but I HAVE had wine. I tried to drink beer, but the carbonation wasn't the best idea. I love wine and can't bring myself to give it up! HOWEVER, I can only drink 2-3 glasses max, and even then, it's mixed with gatorade (ha!) or my new thing is mixing it with pineapple and white grape juice. :P<br />
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LiveNew....I'd love to hear the suggestions from your doc!! I feel like my GI doc has given up on me as I also have idiopathic GP. My aunt has it and we think my grandma used to have it so my doc believes it could be hereditary or that it was caused by a virus. My aunt treats hers with erythromicyn, and as long as she takes it, she can eat pretty much whatever she wants. Lucky! I'm allergic to it though. I took Reglan for about a month until it started giving me mild twitches in my face and legs. Now I'm on Domperidone, but these last few days I can't even tell that it works. I also take Align probiotic, Solaray digestive enzymes, B12, Lipoic Acid, Triphala (ayurvedic purifier), and a one-a-day. I can't really tell if anything works except for the Triphala though. On another message board someone suggested black magnolia bark. She said she hasn't been able to eat in 2 yrs (total liquid diet) and after taking it for 9 days, she's back to solid food and no symptoms! I ordered some. We'll see!!

For me, no, I don't drink alcohol or caffeine. My stomach issues started in my teens, so every time I tried alcohol it burned my stomach so badly that it didn't take long for me to give it up. Caffeine was taken away about 15 years ago. I never drank coffee because of the stomach issues, but it was really hard to give up my beloved iced tea.<br />
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hi. I was diagnoses with GP in August, after suffering for a year. I am 36. I am on a mix of Raglan and Domperidone, which work OK (I am better than I was before). I believe the Raglan works better than the Domperidone. I appreciate your stories. What I am interested in is I have Polycystic ovaries and I know some of you do too. I am wondering if there is not a correleation. <br />
Also, I appreciate your sharing about fatigue. I am have a career in marketing and I am finding myself so exhausted to finish out the day muchless run and work out (as I used to). Yoga has been good and walking and biking, as i really feel we are better off when we force ourselves to move somehow but often and not always, I feel i am pushing through a fog to do this. It was good to hear others are having the same issue. I am 36 but feel I need to nap and rest like my grandfather did in his 70s. I would like to work at understanding this thing more. Do you gals drink coffee? Alcohol?

I do Have polycstic ovaries n a higher hormonal level. this started when I had extreme stress after my gparents died... n when I started taking lexapro.. call me anytime

Have you tried liquid vitamins? I wasn't getting any nutrition from the pill forms for obvious reasons. When the doc prescribed pills, I started taking capsules apart and sprinkling the inner meds into liquids so I'd absorb them faster. I think I have a really good doctor. She actually listens and thinks. If it would be useful to others, I can list the things she had me do. I started seeing her in March, and I'm thankfully almost back to normal now.<br />
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It's funny you should mention the polycystic issue...I had an emergency surgery to remove a torsed ovary in 2007 that was found to have several different kinds of cysts attached to it. I also have developed hypoglycemia as a result of GP...even after I drank two fruit drinks and ate some cereal, after an hour my blood sugar was only 40. I wonder if there is a link between the hormones that cause the cysts and the damage to the vegus nerve...I've also seen a correlation to mono on this site. Having the idiopathic form does suck because if we don't know what caused it, it's pretty hard to fix it. Hope all is going well for you.

I was diagnosed w/ GP about 3 years ago. I bought Trenical online and received it today. I read here that Michael took it and it helped. I'm worried though b/c I found a website I think onesickmomma who says this med is a scam. So now did I waste my money? I guess I will find out. Any commentsa from anyone would be appreciated.

I just found this site and I can identify with both of you... I was diagnosed with idiopathic gastroparesis a couple of years ago. Mine began with several months of not being able to keep hardly any food down (some days not even water would stay down) which was utterly exhausting and very depleting. But then it went away for several months and I almost forgot I had it. I figured out that even when it was not active there would be days I had absolutely no energy and felt sick, but if I just let myself rest it would not develop into fullblown gastroparesis and I could maintain some normalcy. But I have had two more bouts of major gastroparesis since first diagnosis that have lasted many weeks and right now am having one that has been going on for almost 2 months. This is a very discouraging illness because it can go away and come back for what seems like no reason at all. It is frustrating also because to others I look just fine yet many days I can barely function. I am probably the only person in the world that can throw up for weeks on end and not lose any weight at all (and I could stand to lose a few)! HA!<br />
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I do know that stress makes it worse and I find that when I am on major deadlines with work for a prolonged period of time (I work as a graphic designer at home luckily) it can be much worse. One thing I am trying now that I hope helps (I've so far only been doing this a couple of days) is taking Kyo-Dophilus and a gellcap called "Daily Gentle Cleanse" by Irwin Naturals. I figure that our healthy digestive bacteria levels probably get all messed up and taken over by bad bacteria which must contribute to the sick feeling we get from food just sitting there, so can't hurt to try right?<br />
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I have not tried any of the drugs I see mentioned, except that I do take Aciphex every day which helps tremendously, eliminating acid reflux altogether with no side effects as far as I can tell. It does not help me keep food down, but at least the acid levels are way down.<br />
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I would be very interested to follow your experiences with this, especially since yours is idiopathic like mine. It is so frustrating that the doctors can't figure this out, I mean there has got to be something that causes this yet it is so poorly understood. I find myself trying to figure it out and diagnose myself since no one else seems to be able to... to no avail of course! ;o/ <br />
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I am curious if either of you have any underlying conditions that may contribute to the gp... I have PCOS (polycystic ovaries) and high blood sugar/insulin resistance (but not diabetic) and often wonder if hormones have anything to do with it. Every time I've had a major bout it has begun right at the beginning of my period. I once read a post a while back from a woman who said hers completely went away when she was pregnant. Also more women have it than men. Yet my endocrinologist (one of the best in Seattle) insists it could not be hormonal. Very curious.<br />
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Anyway I hope you will continue to post on your experiences and I will try to do the same. We're definitely not alone in this - from everything I've read it's actually somewhat common - and we can only benefit from each other since it's not likely our doctors will help us anytime soon! Looking forward to your comments! ;o)

My daughter...24 has gp since she was 14 was not diagnosed until a couple of years ago. she has been in and out of hospitals all along. Her diagnosis for all this time was that it was in her head until the stomache empting test. We finally got to a Dr in New Orleans at Tulane Hospital who performed a surgical proceedure...implanted what amounts to a stomache pacemaker. It has helped some but still she has episodes now and then. She hasn't had the device a year yet and they say it should improve with time. One thing I'd like to mention is that I've suspected all along that harmones had something to do with it because of the same reason you mentioned. She is also on Depo shot which is a load of harmones and this started about the time she got on it for "bad menstral cycle". Anyone else on Depo??? Just curious. Doctors will say no way that this would affect GP. Many of them are more than likely paid to promote the shot

I do Have polycstic ovaries. this started when I had extreme stress after my gparents died... n when I started taking lexapro. call me anytime 2156807880

I do Have polycstic ovaries. this started when I had extreme stress after my gparents died... n when I started taking lexapro... n yes I have more hormones than a regular woman.. call me anytime 2156807880

What a difficult situation! :(<br />
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I have gastroparesis as well, and I can't imagine how hard it must be to try to participate in any kind of rigerous activity. I just cleaned my car and I'm pooped. I know how you feel about not being able to have a normal life, going out with friends, enjoying a party, ect. I'm 27 and it's been really hard maintaining friendships and whatnot due to the fact that going out takes so much out of me and I can't eat or drink (alcohol) so it's not much fun anyway. I have a wonderful, supportive fiancee who is trying to understand the best he can, but it's still frustrating not being able to go out with him on the weekends. <br />
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I hope that your insurance will start approving things for you (I hate insurance companies). Since you have idiopathic gastroparesis, you could get better all on your own. That's what my doctor told me anyway.<br />
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Best of luck to you...I hope you feel better and are able to enjoy all that you love.