I have been having trouble eating for the past 3 years.   I was once able to eat like a man and loved to go to eat.  This has dwindled down from a full meal to half to now just a quarter of a meal that I am able to eat now.  I have lost an extreme amount of weight and was petite to begin with.  Finally I went to my Dr. finally b/c now I had insurance, he was telling me its all in my head and that there is nothing wrong w/ me and for me to just eat.  Changed dr and had been sent to a specials, finally diagnosed.  My quality of life really sucks sometimes!  I will throw up food from the day before and its horrible.  My hair is falling out because my nutrition is poor.  I don't know what else to do it just really messed w/ my sleep too.  Frustrated!!!

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1 Response Feb 11, 2010

I hope you've found a nutritional solution that works for you by now. I've tried various vitamin pills and even some liquid vitamins. All of those added to the pain in my stomach, so I'm still looking. But the Glucerna (Ensure-like nutrition drink) has a really good set of vitamins in it. Since starting to use that, my hair is not falling out anymore and is starting to look better.<br />
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