Living With Gastroparesis

I know that everyone's struggle with disease is different, but I thought maybe it would be useful to discuss what has worked, and what hasn't. I developed this condition about three months ago, so I'm pretty new to the game, but I have learned a few things. It's really tough coping on a day to day basis. Maybe we can help each other.

I couldn't eat anything for most of January and half of February, and that was the worst. The drugs didn't do a thing for me (zofran and something else...) But, I found a few things that helped with the nausea.

Cranberry juice with bitters.

Hot water with fresh ginger slices.

Having a good laugh. (I watched a lot of stand-up comedy.)

Ice water.

Hard candies.

Vitamin water. I can tolerate it better than gatorade.

Emetrol. It's an over the counter anti-emetic for children. It comes in cherry flavor,  you can get it at any pharmacy. It actually helped take the edge off.

Not talking about it. I feel like talking about it with friends or peers just makes me feel crappy. I hate that "you poor thing" look that people give you... Anyway, I decided not to talk about it, except for maybe with my best friend or sister, and I think it's helped.

Exercise. This is a hard one, because although exercise usually makes me feel great, there is just no way it would happen on those days when I was exhausted or too nauseous to even want to stand. But, if you are having a good day, maybe try to go for a walk or something. It helps.

V8 worked pretty well for me, and I was able to have gummy vitamins. I also had a Boost in the mornings, and I was able to keep my energy up, at least enough to stay in school. After making it about a week and a half without vomiting, I found I was able to eat a few bites of spinach. Then, a few days later I moved on to blended meals, which went pretty well. I'm just starting to be able to eat some solid foods, but I still have some vomiting, but it is not nearly as bad as it was. I follow the "Diet Guidelines for Gastroparesis" by spectrum health. Google it, you can find it. I think they are pretty helpful.

I'm really not into smoking pot, I haven't smoked in years, but I had a little on Friday, and it REALLY HELPED. I don't know if I'm allowed to say that on this forum, but marijuana does have medicinal properties that help with nausea and vomiting. If you are open to it, I would recommend it...

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I concur your pot use working. I'm not a frequent user and would only do it recreationally but I can't tell you the IMMEDIATE relief I felt even just inhaling it from other people's use. My nausea went away so fast that I was just in complete shock and joy--I really wanted to cry because my nausea is perhaps the worst symptom I have--heightened by the fact that I can never throw up so there's no relief there even though my body desperately craves it.

Exercise also helps me a lot, not just alleviating symptoms but giving me better peace of mind and groundness and keeping depression at bay. I try and run at least 3 miles everyday to keep me in the right frame of mind and also to force myself out of bed. It also forces me to have an appetite as well which I'm extremely thankful for because if not I'd be in even worse shape.

Gingerale is perhaps the best thing to calm my stomach. And I'll usually "snack" on uncooked ramen noodles just so I'm actively eating something, even if it is just a little bit--else I just won't eat. I used to snack on sunflower seeds as well, I just have to change it up a bit what works and what doesn't work. One day I can only stomach yogurt, the next, the last thing I want to ever see is a cup of the stuff.

And I try to avoid awkward social situations that would make me uncomfortable or have to explain why I'm refraining from eating--I don't go to dinner parties or lunch dates--it's just not comfortable or fun for me to be surrounded by food that I a) want to eat but can't b) is making me completely sick c) forces me to explain to people I may not be okay with speaking about such personal things with, about why I'm refraining from eating, or choosing a "light" meal as opposed to a hearty burger or the like.

Before I was diagnosed I was already eating shellfish and I prefer this category of food over everything. Sushi and the like are so much lighter on my stomach that I can actually eat a lot more than I typically would and not just feel full, but actually be somewhere along truly being satisfied.

Chewing gum also helps sometimes with curbing my nausea.

i am not good at any of this and being sick with other things dont help knowing that i am not the only one that feels almost the same way has helped thanks

I am going to try some pot.

I have tried Medical MJ and it does work. But I am still taking my RXs. If you cannot tolerate smoking it,you can use try a tincture. I use Agave with 6% cannabis infused into it. Agave is like Aloe Vera,and has been used for centuries by Native Americans in the Southwest to sweeten foods. Two eye droppers is the usual dose. I just put it in my water or vitamin drink. You DO NOT get stoned from it. I also make tea out of leaves. This seems to have a calming effect on my guts and relieves the pain. I should also mention that I am opiate intolerant,I can't take any pain meds,not even Aspirin. So it's a double whammy for me.

I agree about the not talking about it thing. I finally told my best friend to stop going on and on about not being able to feed me and that I felt better if we weren't calling attention to it. I haven't tried the other things you suggest, so now I can add them to the list to try.<br />
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