Why Me.!?!

I was diasgnosed with gastroparesis, after along horrible 16 weeks last year.  I was to the point where everytime i ate within 10 mins i was on the 50 yard dash to vomitting.. I was on reglan and protonix for a little under a year to treat it when i started having bad side effects of the reglan and had to stop.  I has been about 2miths since i had to stop and they switched me to Phenagrin(not sure of spelling).  I also had the procedure when they inject botox into your stomache.  None of which seems to be working.  Almost every meal i eat, i am back to the 50yard vomitt dash.  Im hungrey all the time and nothing works.  I have done the very strict boring gastoparesis diet, and i still throw up 9 our of ten times.  I am to my wits end and am ready to just go to a pure liquid diet of meal refplacement drinks.  Oh sorry i also am only 27yrs old.  I have never had any stomache issues till this.  It literally started right after a bout of the flu went thru our house last year.  I had what i thought was the flu, then i thought it was liguring for a few weeks.  At first it was happening everyother day then more often then it got to the point where i couldnt eat at all.  Its sad to say but its live vomitting is a normal thing for me.  Anyone know anyother options i can look into/

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Thats sounds horrible are you ok now??

hi, i am very sorry you have to go thru this. i had it 18 years ago. i am now 48 and just got it again. i got it for 10 months and hopefully a am back to recovery. the last two weeks i have been able to eat. the only way for me to eat was a feeding tube. otherwise, i would have died from dehydration and malnutrition. i threw up for over ten monthe. even a sip of water. i was also put on this medicine called domperidone. you can only get the the compound in the usa. the pill form is illegal. it comes from canada. if you would like to know more about it, call: temple hospital in philadelphia, the gastro dept. reglan seems to have very bad side affects. the feeding tube also filled me uo so i was not hungry. the only dissadvantage is you feed many hours during the day. hope this info helps you. p.s. when i am on the the feeding tube, i never get sick, never through up either. berylhhh