I got my first tapers when I was in 7th grade but didn't put them in till 8th grade and now im in 9th. i started with like 14g and now I'm at 4g. Every time I went I buy new ones I would say to my mom "this is as big as I'm gonna go" andddd now I'm at 4s sooo yeah. This time she was like "this is it!" But I'm sure I can get her to let me get 2s :) I've had these since like june. My goal size is a 2g so I hope she lets me.
Ineedawedgie Ineedawedgie
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1 Response Dec 2, 2012

my sis has gauges

Iiii have gauges :)

i know hens the story and the group lol :)


no jk yes :E

What size are your sisters

double zero

I see


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