Sexual Discrimination From Gays

So my brother who just came out yesterday has this friend who came out to his mother saying he absolutely abhors women; he is totally disgusted at females.


And this angered the sh/i/t out of me because what he is actually saying is that HE HATES WOMEN that is why he prefers being with men instead.

So it is obvious that when you only want to be with MEN that you practice sexual discrimination against women; being extremely loyal to your own sex... The same with lesbians who only sleep with women; they too basically send out the message into the world that THE HATE MEN and are loyal to women above men.

I am actually a little confused because I thought gay men were supposed to be some best friend to women; but now I see that in the gay psyche that girl would never have A TRUE BEST FRIEND when deep down she is secretly despised by the gay man at her side.

The same with lesbians; I thought because they ought to think like men they should be like best friends with men... But that too is but a mere illusion when deep down her HATE FOR MEN is the very thing that turned her queer; loving women instead of men.

Now there is no true friendship without Love and Underlying HATE makes it all the more a sham!!!!!!!!
indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
May 24, 2012