I Love Them!!!!

Maybe I’m just that kind of person who doesn’t really care about sexuality when it comes to friendship. The most important for me is that they’re showing their real personality as it is. I enjoy my gay group of friends company and that’s it…..it’s not just of the (……..) topics but because of who they are. They’re the most jolly persons to be with despite of the fact that they have also their own problems and worries in life. I consider gays as artistic, creative and talented persons. And about my gay friends they are honest and trustworthy persons as being tested and proven by time that’s why I love them
pritzy pritzy
22-25, F
1 Response Jun 13, 2007

I have gay friends too and they are some of the wisest and funniest people I know. I think the cards they got dealt in life have made them wise and funny to cope. I get a little tired of homophobia, to tell you the truth. Yes, it's cruel, foolish, prejudiced and all of those, but it's also just boring. I really can't listen to the same old misconceptions over and over again.