Total 180

I've spent 2 years living in London, and become really close with a gay couple, who I only knew from back home. I was always reluctant to befriend them, because I was a little closed minded about homosexuality...that's just the way I was brought up.
I started spending a lot of time with them both, and have grown to love them as dear friends. I know I can trust them both wioth my life, and they will never let me down. They just got married 2 weeks ago, and I couldn't be happier for them. I'm just a bit bumed out that I couldn't be at the wedding, because I had been back home for a few months already.
Now that I'm home, all my old friends still have the same prejudices about gay people, and sometimes it annoys me a bit.
While I was in London, I suspected that one of my housemates was gay as well, and I recently got an email from a friend that he had come out of the closet. "Good for him" I said.
That brings the total to 3 gay friends
TCat TCat
26-30, M
Jun 13, 2007