Homophobia has become a bit of a running joke amongst my friends and I, we have a giggle and make fun of peoples archaic and bigoted views. 

After watching 'Hoary For Dead Soldiers" and learning that we are going straight to hell for being **** and *** supporters, we have been discussing how we will decorate... 

Hell will be just fine, for we shall cover it in glitter and install a hot tub...Figured we would go OTT cheesy as fire and brimstone is hard to work with other wise..... 


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1 Response Mar 22, 2009

Yeah, seriously. When I was a kid I had this dog that got bit by a rabid raccoon...try sayin' that ten times real fast! Anyway, he caught homophobia and we had to kill him, seriously. He was all foamin' at the mouth and he was terrified of water. Homophobia is some bad stuff. I think they have a vaccine for that now.<br><br><br />
Hey, cool flag! You Jewish, or what? Seriously, it makes me happy just lookin' at it. <br><br>