This Just Makes Me Sick...

 My cousin and I were raised like we are sister's, so I support her 100%. Her girlfriend also happens to be my best friend on this planet.

Well this morning, my bestie sends me this via email from her bank job:

"My night was okay.  Pretty uneventful.  My morning was going good and then we were in our meeting this morning and I was telling everyone about this customer issue we have.  Well the customers are gay drag queens and they have an account here that raises money for gays and lesbians in Oklahoma and they do stuff for HIV/AIDS.  Well one of our tellers was like “Gays and lesbians don’t make babies they make sexually transmitted diseases” I was like what did you just say and he repeated it and I was like who says that and he was like “I say it”. I got up and walked off dude.  I am heated like you wouldn’t believe."

Granted, we live in the south, but how was this guy not repremanded for speaking that way to an openly gay employee.  I guarantee if she was a devout Christian and he was a Satanist, he would've been in some serious trouble.  I guess I'm in shock that there really are people like him everywhere.  They all seem like a fairy tale to me because my friends and family have always just viewed homosexuals for what they are, people just like you and me.

I just wanted to share this story with everyone because I am hurt and outraged.  I cannot even imagine how my friend feels.  One day when I have children, I will trust her and my cousin over anyone with them.  I think straight people take having children for granted because it isn't a struggle for most of us.  I know that my girls will be amazing mothers someday, but the co-worker shouldn't be allowed to reproduce and bring my narrow-minded bigots into this world.

That's just my opinion.  I could be wrong, but this is how I feel.


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I'd rather spread an STD than have another ******* kid to overpopulate this already stressed planet to it's brink. It's easy to spread your legs and plop out a bunch of unwanted and unplanned for kids. Congratulations to the breeders for "doing the right thing" - us homos will just go on spreading diseases!!

People are so ignorant.. They just don't understand. It would be hard to be gay/lesbian and have to deal with people like that everyday.

This kind of thing really bothers me too. My best friend is gay and he is much better at letting it roll off of his back than me. I ask him all the time how it doesn't just make him crazy and he says "by now I am used to it" and that makes me even more angry. I am always telling him that he is more of a man than any straight guy I know. How can people be so ignorant about the gay community. My friend wants kids, he acts like it isn't a big deal but I know it drives him nuts. The thing is he is a better homemaker than me and He would be such a great parent. I feel so bad sometimes and always tell him I would loan him my uterus if he wants it. He was adopted and wants to adopt or become a foster parent, but unfortunately he has given up any hope that he will be someone's parent. I do think so many people take having kids for granted and it is a shame because their are so many loving gay couples out their that would make great families for children that aren't properly cared for.<br />
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I know how you feel but try to take comfort in the thought that those ignorat people spend so much of their miseralbe lives hating what they don't understand that they don't have the pleasure of knowing some of the greatest people in the world.

I think that's about right. I know a lot of straight girls are pretty skanky these days. In fact, I'm just about the only straight girl my age that I know that is in a monogamous relationship. <br />
Unfortunately, most girls I know that have gotten an STD got it from a cheating boyfriend...<br />
And yet homosexuals are stereotyped and aren't allowed to get married. Huh... There's some food for thought for all of the angry bigots out there.