Teens Of Gay Parents

Hi I don't have a story to share but we are interested in what you have to say about growing up with gay / lesbian parents.  If you would iike to be part of en educational documentary about this please get in touch.

Here's what were looking for and what we aim to do. many thanks for taking the time to read this.

 Tigerlily Films is making a BBC documentary about being a teenager living
 with gay parents or guardians and we need your help!
 The film is for BBC Switch, which is the educational arm of the BBC.  Made
 for teenagers, the film will be shown on BBC2 and available online and
 across other BBC channels.
 We're looking to film with a small group of young people across the UK whose
 Parents or guardians are gay. Today, almost a third Of gay people have kids and we want to make a programme that tells the story
 Of what its like to be one of them from the kid’s perspective.
 Are you the gay parent of a teenager who’d like to share your story? Does your child have strong views or opinions about your
 Sexuality? Do you have other gay parents as friends? Are you about to have a
 civil partnership and if so how does your child feel about it, or maybe you’re having another child?
 If you know anyone who sounds like they fit the bill and might be interested in
 getting involved, we would love to hear from you!
 We are really excited about making this programme and would love for you to help
 us make it as engaging, accurate and informative as possible.  Please do get in touch
 with us ASAP if you'd like to know more, and feel free to pass this on to others who might be
 Call Joe or Donna on 02077299845 or email at joe@tigerlilyfilms.com or
 donna@tigerlilyfilms.com to find out more!
 Tigerlily Films is one of the UK's most respected film and television
 production companies.  Recent credits include Only When I Dance, an
 inspirational film about two aspiring ballet dancers from Brazil's favelas,
 and Naples Open City 1943-1948, about the military occupation of Naples
 during the Second World War.  More information can be found at
 www.tigerlilyfilms.com <http://www.tigerlilyfilms.com> Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000196 EndHTML:0000005567 StartFragment:0000002868 
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Jul 28, 2010