I have two moms. I was made in a lab with a ***** donor, and I also have younger triplet siblings, who were made with the same ***** donor.

As a child, I didn't know how different (to some people) my family was. We had a rainbow sticker on the car & a flag on the desk but I didn't know what it meant. We would go to these Xmas parties every year with other families like ours, and I just assumed everybody did that.

I don't remember my parents ever kissing or showing any affection. When I turned 9 their marriage started to fall apart. There was yelling and screaming and when I was 10 they called us all together and said that they were getting a divorce.

I spend most of my time at my biological mom's, only going to my other mom's apartment on the weekends and some wednesdays.

It's hard, because now I'm 14 and they still talk **** about each other. To me. I feel stuck in the middle and I don't want to pick a side. There are some perks, like two vacations and going out to dinner twice and having two holidays; but the cons way outweigh the pros.

My mom who i live with recently started dating someone. I was deeply bothered, for selfish reasons, but it got worse when she told me it was a man. I have nothing against lesbians or bisexuals, but hearing that from my mom was terrible. "I've had a change of heart," she told me. I held in my tears until we got to the school.

She goes out a LOT now and I'm left to watch the triplets and I have to make dinner. They're 12 now, but they get into fights if left alone.

Thanks for reading my life story, there's a lot more but my hand is tired of typing.
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I am a surrogate baby, and either of my dads could have been my gene dad.

Does it bother you that your father was a ***** donor, and you were made in a lab, and you were paid for? Or are you more upset about the divorce of your moms?