My Mum....

When i was 11 years old, my parents sat me down to tell me something.

My mother told me that she was, and always had been a Lesbian. She and my dad were both crying, saying they were splitting up, but were still very close, best friends. My dad apparently had known that she was gay since they were trying to get pregnant with me. 15 whole years the woman he loved was gay, and he knew it.

I felt like the world had crumbled around me. It just seemed so absurd!

 My MOTHER was gay! Oh i was so confused.

I only ever told one of my friends.

I couldn't bring myself to tell the others when i was a kid. They all know now though, and we ahve a good laugh. Lot's of Lezzo jokes at my house.

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Oh, God. THat must have been really hard for you, and also your parents. :S I can't believe your Dad knew the whole time. But maybe she also wanted kids, but lesbians can't have kids with each other (2 women). And your Dad and her probably got on really well. :D At least you can see the funny side of it now. Haha.

I am a mother of a 12 year old and I have fell in love with my best friend. We've been together for 18 months and the pressure is building on our relationship because my daughter doesnt know. We love each other very much and would love to live as 'normal' as we feel together.<br />
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I have been looking on these forums to see what other peoples experiences are to see if i can get some advice. I have had so many conversations in my head which her with different outcomes. Shes either gonna hate me or be cool about it, 50/50. All of my family know including mam, sister, bro, aunties and uncles and they are happy im happy. Im 35 and been married to her dad.<br />
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I dont know what to do. My partner feels like a dirty secret she shouldnt have to feel that way. I dont know what to do :(<br />
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Jo x

Jo, you sound like you're in a difficult situation. :S From what you wrote, I don't really know if you're still with her Dad. If not, I'd tell your daughter pretty soon, because if anything she'll be more annoyed when she eventually does find out cos it's been kept from her for so long. If you tell her now - just tell her casually and keep in mind she'll be a bit shocked - it should be ok. Just thought I'd say, cos I'm about your daughter's age.

Oh yeah, I know all about the lesbian jokes! hahaha they're never original though. I often get the song "Stacey's mom" changed to "Camy's moms", or the "Your mom" jokes made plural. they can be really funny though if you just go with the humor :)<br />
But on a different note, your parents (all three!) sound like really nice and reasonable people. You've been really lucky :)