Oh Yeah

I've got gaydar. I'm a bissexual transsexual woman, I have enough experience and knowledge of what gay people are like (as well as bisexual people, trans people and lots of others) to be able to pick up on who's what most of the time. it's not perfect, but is it on par or better than what most people would cal gaydar? oh yeah, definatly

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I'm lesbian so I can spot another member of our family, but I'm not 100%. There was a woman that took my breath away but she seemed straight to me. I met her in a college class and it turns out she came over to hit on me. OMG ~ I couldn't believe it. My 1st clue should of been my heart beating fast cuz I don't feel chemistry with straight women. lol

you don't? That must be useful

I have decent gaydar too, but it only works with women. Oooh, I see a story coming on :)