I'm a lesbian with a very accurate gaydar. My mother has a gaydar, too. My gaydar doesnt work with my mother, so I dont know if she's a lesbian, too. A lot of people claim to have a gaydar but I noticed that they can only detect butch lesbians...that's no gaydar! For instance my gaydar doesn't work at all interracially...asians have no vibe, for me, and african-americans...well. I can guess butch lesbians, out or not, like quuen latifah...until my late 20s I thought everyone had a gaydar, but I found out different. My woman has none. I met her in the laundromat in new york city, I followed her home. She thought I was straight. I told her I like women and naturally she thought I was bi...did I say that bisexuals DON'T VIBE? Some actresses from the 40s and 50s, like kate hepburn have always vibed. Marlena dietrich said she was bi, but she vibed. So did greta garbo...does anyone know what these vibes we feel are? I've always been curios!
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1 Response Jan 16, 2013

no idea. Probably something to do with instinctual mating stuff lol but who knows

Sheldon on Big bang theory? Obvious...Channing Tatum? definitely had the mixed vibe. When straight guys play as gay guys it weirds me out