I have General Axciety Disorder

About six months ago, I was diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder. It was hard when I was little cause I was suffering from servere depression and a lack of self confidence. Now that I am getting treatment for this, my life is more on track then it ever has been.  I am still getting used to the medication. Sometimes is makes me sick or gives me a headache but most of the time, I am myself, something that I didn't think I would ever know.
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Definitely depression. I can make myself sick, just worrying about the smallest things. I have an ulcer because of it. I have problems sleeping. These are just the major problems that cause the most hardship.

Thank you! It is nice to know that we are not alone. I am on Celexa and Welbutine but I do need to increase them cause I am starting to have panic attacks again. That is not a good sign!

I was diagnosed with GAD in Dec 2008 and was taking lexapro, which helped a lot but I got anxiety about the withdrawal symptoms of taking the medication and stopped. I am hoping to restart soon to get back on my feet. Stick with it and good luck in everything :)

GAD feels as though something is wrong but you can't place it. Your always irritable, you get mad at the most stupid things. Depression is the biggest symptom. I am getting treated for my depression which makes my anxiety more manageable.<br />
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Good luck in finding yourself. Your welcome to ask any questions!

hi ... i was wondering how GAD feels. i'm suspicious i have it but i don't know what it's supposed to feel like. i know something's wrong with me, and it doesn't feel like depression. i am just looking for some help.

I agree. Though I am not seeing a therapist at this point, I am on medication that really seems to help me for right now. I honestly don't know if I will be using medication all my life but when that hurdle comes, I'll be ready!

That's great! I also suffer from panic and anxiety attacks. I started seeing a therapist about 4 months ago and my life has never been more on track. I know myself more now then I ever have. Once I stopped denying who I am and what makes who I am I started living.

I was diagnosed too!!! I am not on medication-- I dont deal with it well... I feel like I want to crawl out of my skin most of the time... Today I am ok... I try to stay away from caffiene but I need it to get things done... Thanks for sharing!!!

good for you. it does take some time for the body to adjust to new medication. i know, i've had panic disorder for many years and it's amazing when the meds kick in, how the feeling of calm and "normal" feels.