Can't Even Get Out of Bed


I was diagnosed with GAD with depression a little over 9 months ago.  Recently, I got brave (aka sick and damn tired) and chose to go off the medication I was taking to keep my anxiety under control...the medication my doctor put me on made me numb to everything that went on around me and I couldn't stand it any more.  Now my anxiety is so bad that I have trouble getting out of bed to go and do things.  I just lie there in dread thinking that some awful thought will pop into my head like it usually does and I spend hours trying to tell myself to calm down.  Just thinking is absolutely exhausting.  I really want to feel better but I also don't want to lose everything, like feeling good when people I enjoy are around, etc., but I guess that right now since I can't even do that, maybe I made a mistake in going off the medication.  I feel so useless and embarrassed that I'm worried all the time about stuff I don't even need to worry about, but I just can't even get myself moving in the morning and it's starting to really destroy my social and business life.  I hope that I can find something that works very soon.

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I know where you're coming from. I've done things like fail a whole term at university because I was too scared to leave my dorm room and go to class. <br />
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It sounds like you're going through withdrawal right now. There's a good reason that you're not supposed to just stop and start meds without talking to your doctor. You really need to talk to him or her about adjusting your dosage or finding a new medication, because this is not something that just goes away. GAD and depression are caused by chemical imbalances (as I'm sure you know.) Right now your brain is freaking out over the shock you've given it. I know. I've been there.<br />
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Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but it sounds like you're having trouble coming to terms with accepting the GAD and depression as a chronic condition. If you don't want to be overly medicated, have you looked into Cognitive Behavior Therapy? I found that was really helpful in giving me coping techniques for handling my stress. ( along with low doses of medication)<br />
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I'm sorry if I'm coming across as lecturing you; I just know that what you're doing can be really dangerous (it made me suicidal) and I worry.

Hi, I know exactly what you mean... Ive also got the same as you and recently I just stay in bed, havent been out my flat for a week or two, (not agrophobia either), and I have loads to do. I dont really want to see anyone and my social network is also suffering. i keep trying to remind myself that things are going downhill, but get weird thoughts and it takes me ages to calm myself down, i feel as though Im stuck in a rut too, but I always remember that I got out of this situation once before, cant remember how, but If Ive done it once can do it again.... hope you manage too like I do...