My Hereditary Geniospasm

Since I was six ( 1977 ) , my chin has trembled . My grandfather , father and brother also have the same issue . I have learnt now it is hereditary geniospasm . It was always aparent when I was a young child , but as I grow older it was less apparent . It has been brought on at various stressful times in my life , and if I play an Action Video game , even now it will happen immeaidately . If I felt an object or something was going to hit my face it also happens then too. It is apparently treatable by Botox injections , if you want , but personally I've learnt to live with it , although it can be embarrassing . All the males in my family from my grandfather ( Fathers side ) have this disorder . It can be alarming to parents whom see this in a new born baby , but I can assure you , it gets better with age , and has no health effects on the individual . My grandfather is now 95 . It is more annoying and embarrassing than anything else . My 6 year old nephew has his chin tremble 24 hours a day , but that was normal for all the male members of my family at that age , it does get better . I was teased at school with it , but not much . During stressful episodes of my adult life , I will wake up with it trembling , but it goes within 5 minutes . There are apparently only 23 families worldwide with this condition , so we really are special ! Please get back to me here if you suffer with this condition , and by all means we can chat
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I am so thrilled to find this group! My son was born with the hereditary geniospasm in his chin. He is 15 and wants it to go away! We have seen many neurologists through the year who really frankly don't want to take his case. Does anybody on here know of ANY doctor that is doing the botulism injections? Not to say we want to do that, but I would love to have a starting point. This info seems so difficult to find. Thanks!

I personally think it more than 26 families. I don't think anyone in my family has been treated for this relatively benign condition, so never reported. We can track it back to my maternal grandmother.

I have had since I was a baby, but better with age. I assume subconsciously controlled, but can't consciously control.

After 40 years I was finally able to find something on the Internet. I'm 40 y.o. and I've had this my whole life. I found this post while searching for info about it to treat my 11 year old daughter who suffers from the same condition since the day she was born...I had no doubt she was mine :-)

I'd love to find the 23 families and see how we are all related. Thank you for sharing your story.