Anyone Tried Botox ?

Hi all
I don't have geniospasm but I do have members of my family that do.
One of them went to The Institute of Neurology in London where they were interested in doing a family study. Interestingly I don't have it but 2 out of my three children do.
The Institute of Neurology have suggested botox injenctions. I just wondered has anybody tried botox and has it been effective ?
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1 Response Jan 6, 2013

I have been successfully treated with 20 units botulism toxin injected low into the mentalis muscle. The neurologist injected three spots like an upside-down triangle about 4mm apart, 7.5 units on the two sides and 5 u in the middle. This is very low in the chin and very close together. The chin spasms completely stopped, though I had a small spasm below the center of my lower lip that was imperceivable to anyone but me. I have also had a doc inject the sides of my chin, which didn't work, caused my mouth to droop on one side and was very apparent when I smiled.

Can you private mail me name of your consultant? I live in ireland and no one here has heard of it!
Thanks in advance

Have you had any more botulism toxin injections since your last post in Feb 2013? Are your chin spasms still absent?