After 7 Months Of Suffering I Found A Cure!!!

Im a 23yr old female and 7 months ago large patches on my tongue started to appear, they got really sore and made worse by hot drinks and hot food. I had to stop using mouth wash because it was so painful! I left it months and months before i went to the doctor because i just didn't have the time. when i finally went i got prescribed nystatin (not sure of the spelling) which didn't help one bit so i went back and was put on a weeks course of antibiotics, they helped short term but the minute i stopped taking them it came back! i was then given a steroid rinse which also made no difference. BUT IVE FINALLY FOUND A CURE!!!.....i got tonsillitis and was away with work so couldnt go to the doctors so got Oraldene (a rinse for sore throats, in the toothpaste department) and used that for a week and it made a massive difference! i then got Oral Diflam (another rinse for sore throats and gums but stronger - its behind the counter at chemists) used it for a week and my tongue has COMPLETELY HEALED!! there is a small outline of where the sore patches were but i've stopped taking it for over a week and theres no sign of its return and its still improving day by day! I really hope this helps other suffers!!
Fi007 Fi007
Dec 3, 2012