No Relief!

I have recently started to get prescription drugs for my acid reflux. Unfortunately, my insurance will not approve any of them!! I have asked for Nexium, Prevacid, and Aciphex, but they will not approve any of them! And when I'm not on any medication, I can't eat because the burning in my stomach is painful and makes me feel sick.

I need to see a specialist, I just sucks that I'm dealing with this at 20 years old...

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2 Responses Aug 15, 2009

Poor you having it at 20 I started with stomach problems at 44 now I am nearly 47. I have gastritis,GERD and a small hiatus hernia. Ive had good days and bad. Recently Ive had more bad days with awful pain. My meds don't seem to work and I have trouble eating. Ive got to have a ph test to see about the operation. My gastro has just tried different meds up to now. Try some herbal remedies. Im sceptical about them but they are meant to work. Things like ginger and slippery elm. Also come on the website with me for the GERD forum. Theres over topics as well.

i got it when i was about 23 years old and i am 25 .. i will be 26 soon and still have it .. it is strange because i have done everything they taught me to do .. not eating much .. no fatty food .. use my drugs on time .. but nothing worked .. it is all just to give you some break from the pain which is really hard and makes me confused and can't be focused .