Nothing Stops It...

Here's what I hate about one can tell me what's wrong with me. And they always tell me I'm too young to be having heartburn that's as severe as mine is.

I have had an interesting journey these past three years since I've had GERD. When I started having GERD, it wasn't bad. It was only occasional, like once a month, maybe once a week. Then it progressed to twice a week. And that's when I started Prilosec. I did that off and on for a year until I decided that I needed to do something about it. So last summer, I started my fight. Omeprazole worked for a while. Prontonix definitely didn't work. And Aciphex was spacey with it's protection. When those medications didn't work, it was off to see the gastroentrologist. I had my endoscopy in November 2009. I thought that they would find what was wrong and fix it. My scope was normal, except for the finding of a small hiatal hernia. So I was put on a combination of Nexium in the morning and Ranitidine before bed. But I don't get complete relief.

Last month, I had a gastric emptying scan. And I was hopeful. After the first two hours, my eggs had not move at all. So I thought that I would get my diagnosis. Then after another two hours and a final scan, most of the eggs had moved into my intestines. And my hopes that all this would be solved were crushed. And I still have reflux everyday, despite weight loss and lifestyle changes. Nothing helps...the only reason why I take the medication is so that I can eat without having to be starving.

I have been referred to a surgeon and will see her on Tuesday. I can only hope that my answers lie with her.

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2 Responses Mar 7, 2010

Me too my meds don't work. I can tell you that I was on Omeprazole and it wasn't strong enough. I was put on Lansoprazole and still pain. Then I was told to increase the Lansoprazole but it didn't improve. Ive been put on Pantoprazole the past two months and it helped at first but Im getting bad flare ups. Im in agony but I also have gastritis. I find it hard to eat for the pain. I can't sleep I so hate this. The doctor told me that Nexium is just an altered version of Omeprazole with a different name. He said Pantoprazole is stronger. I have a hiatus hernia too so maybe thats my problem. I am going to have a ph test to see about the surgery. Lets all keep our fingers crossed that we get some relief soon. Have you took natural remedies? Let me know how you go on.

the same with me .. nothing help .. the best thing i used was Nexuim and it still nothing because i get this hard pain in my chest twice a week and it is not for 6 hours or so .. I feel in pain for 1 day or 2 days and sometimes 3 days .. i think there is no treatment for this GERD .. i have the pain now and it was from yesterday and it still with me ... .. maybe Surgery is the best thing to do ... but ..sigh ..