I Have German Ancestors

This is so funny I just joined a group about having Native American Ancestors which I do but I also have German Ancestors as well! My mothers father and my fathers father both have German Ancestors. The Native American blood ties runs on the maternal side of my family.
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Yeah I am all three and my Mom was the most nasty biggot you could ever imagine...YUK How classy is that? Oh well. My Dad's side appears to be Black Cherokee. Its been fascinating to learn about. Th funny part is there's BlackFoot on her side. Goes to show mean is mean even if its misdirected. She is meaner than a damn rattlesnake. Oh well I'll bet I get to dance on her grave.

I was raised to believe that i had german in me and of course indian too. I have come to find out that I am part Irish not german, and still indian too. i wonder how many white folks that hate other races would be real surprised that down in there blood line they have african american in them....lol I know one person who did. What a slap in the face for him.. I just laughed because when it all comes down to it, we could allllllll somehow even be related too, think about it.

I think most of us by this generation are " Heines 57 " Breed. I am! I joined all the ancestrial groups I'm composed of and I filled a web page in here!! lol.