Ok the heating is on for 3 hours but the house is freezing ! I hear all sorts of notices up stairs! The dog keeps going mad! I know someone is here!
Mininewby1980 Mininewby1980
1 Response Jan 23, 2013

I'm kind of scared!! Why is my house so cold? The heating has been on for hours!! And so many notices keep happening! The dog is very unhappy!

Do you get a nervous, uneasy feeling. Its normal to feel a little uncomfortable when there is a ghost in your home. Its normal because its the idea of someone you don't know or can't see being there. However, your reaction says a lot about the ghosts that are in your home. For instance, it get a happy feeling with the ghost that lives in my dorm. He's just a teenager and is a prankster. In the bedroom in my actual home, theres more than one ghost and there is constantly turbulence. I cannot sleep in there because of the bad vibes. If you feel bad vibes, try praying or getting someone who knows about handling ghosts to ward them off.

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