A Sisters Love

Some years ago when i got out of the service i was at home with my my sister who is 9 years older than me.
We were on the couch watching tv and i wanted to lay down so i put head on her lap and continued watching the show, i started rubbing her leg with my hand, this went on for about 10 minutes when i noticed that her breathing was getting heavier and she had spread her legs more, so i started rubbing rubbing higher on leg, getting closer to her ***** after about 30 minutes of this she opened her legs so i could reach all the way to her ***** and she started rubbing my **** through my shorts.
I let her rub me for awhile, while i kept rubbing her, until i was hard, then i rolled over facing her and lifted her shirt to expose her 40D **** so i could suck on them.
As i sucked them she laid her back and moaned and reach into my short so she could stroke my ****, i was still rubbing her ***** through her jeans, after 15 minutes she was pushing her hips into my hand hard moaning loudly.
She jumped off the couch pulled off her clothes and laid on the couch and said **** me, so i climbed on and started sucking her **** again as she begged me to **** me, when she could stay it no more i plunged my **** deep into her ***** and started to **** her slow taking my time causing her arch her back in pure pleasure, she begged me to pound her *****, but i continued slow and easy,bringing her to ****** 4 time before i decided to ravage her ***** after 45 minutes of me ******* her, i pounded her till we were both covered in sweat, then unleashed my load inside her and let a sigh and went limp under me, i climbed off the couch and went into kitchen and get wash cloth and got it wet and took to her and placed it on her *****, then get a blanket as fell asleep there on the couch naked.
The following morning i was awaked by her sucking my **** as looked down her she said please **** me again, so after i returned the oral favor i did as she asked but in doggy style.
I will have to say my sister is at the top of list of **** partners i have ever had.
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11 Responses May 18, 2012

There is just something special about ******* a sis!!!

Damn. You've got a great sister there. Do you still do her?

When you do see her as seldom as you may, do you do her then?

wow, that's a long time.

oh :o( that's sad. sorry to hear that. did she move there with someone or by herself?

I always wished I'd hada brother.

Hot story

so hot... I got excited reading it xoxo

When I would lay between my sisters spread legs and dry hump her in her panty crotch, we both would orgazm... felt so delicious. even today I mastubate thinking about her warm spread panties and how they formed around the tip of my uncut ****...

Nice! Hot story!

Great story got me hard as a rock


Sounds like you have a great sister! Lucky you!

thank you ; ) Would love to!

Super Great Story you got my vote and more dude, you would not believe what I ****** growing up..................... will not share that here, my wife does not know of those things to this day and we have been married for nearly 40 years now............................. You might believe a part of it as I did some what the same as you just wrote about here!!!!