Simpy put, my breasts are ridiculously huge. They cause back pains if I stand up for too long and they get in the way of a lot of things. At the same time, I'm a fan of big breasts so I'm a fan of mine as well, but I'm not sure whether to love them or hate them.

I will probably get a reduction though if the pain and inconvenience gets too much...
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you should love them, you are a goddess

i have always dated well endowed women. The largest was JJ cup. Amazing.......

what is your size and do you share pics here

when you have something it is best to love it/deal with it and in your case i hope the pleasure completely outweighs the pain

Hi. I saw your profile photo and can understand the "I need a reduction" v.s. the fear and not wanting to scar you body.

If I may ask which country do you live in. I'm trying to get a sense of how wide spread gigantomastia is and when it starts. Seems like VBH would start much earlier for women in the USA than the rest of the world.

Thanks for posting.

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You are beautiful as you are. Please add me

Please please please do not get a reduction!!! Your boobs are soooo beautiful!!!! The other posters are right, some exercises will help strengthen your back. Look at the big boob implant stars, like Beshine, who have gone to huge lengths to get big boobs, and hers look really ugly compared to yours!!! Of course beshine also does her exercises and has no problems with pain. And even better, you have no scars, nothing, you are all natural! A reduction will leave very ugly scars behind, something that would be so sad on someone so beautiful!

Well I hope that you can manage. Have you done physical therepy? It may just be too much.

Although I do really adore large breasts perhaps a slight reduction could help you. Also have you ever thought of exercising your lower back and abs to help support your upper area? Hyperextensions are great for the lower back, they're big with women as it really is an effective exercise. Send me a message if you need more info.

You should love your lucious breasts, if all else fails you could pay me a visit and i'll massage you back and anything else for you, all you need to do is ask;)

You should do what you feel is right for you and your healt, a reduction don't mean that you'll remove all of it. Wish you all the best. Hugs

Love your style you have a great sense of humor from what I can read please add me as your friend

U look Just Gorgeous 2 me Baby , Love 2 be friends & see U'r pics Beautiful , Thanks !

You are a very courageous girl and I hope you can get rid of your back pains with muscular trainings so your back and breast muscles are strong enough to support the weight of your breasts.I wish you will rather LOVE your breasts than hate them, you are very beautiful and I encourage you to accept and appreciate what mother nature gave you ! I also hope you can accept that there are men like me that appreciate your breasts without staring and gawking and making comments about them and you should ignore the guys and women that stare or make bad comments about your breasts.If you need someone to talk then I'm here to hear you, perhaps you might add me to your friends list so we can stay in contact.

What is ur cup size?

ARE they genuine ???? sorry , you wouldn't be getting reduction if they were fake (smile)...

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I really hate to see a beautiful girl have to get a BR. but at your size and body size, it could happen.. sigh... I'm hoping you come up with an alternative way of dealing with your breasts,,,,, could you add me as a friend please.

If you're as big as your profile photo, you should start saving money for the reduction and find out how much your insurance covers. You're headed for a lifetime of shoulder and back pain. I'm a middle-aged lady who's a G-cup, and it bothers me enough of the time, in addition to not being able to find bras that fit and don't cost a small fortune - and clothing.