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Do You Feel Insulted By Men's Attraction To Your Enormous Breasts?

Hi, i'm Yuri, 51, from Amsterdam. I'm divorced, have an adorable 11yo daughter living w/me (fifty-fifty) and run my own business.

I love boobs. Small ones, medium ones, huge ones, absent ones. Any size is good, but no size can be TOO big (save harm to bearer).

If you are a bearer (bearess), i'd like to ask your opinion. Do you resent this attraction? Do you despise a person because of it? Do you think it is disrespectful or insulting? Mind you, i'm not talking men for whom it is a precondition, nor men who behave like the kind of holes censored on this ****. Just a guy with other great feats than his particular fancy, to a women with other great feats beside her particular shape.

Does being MORE attractive to a man, specifically because of your breasts, make you feel bad or sad or angry or anything like that at all, period? Or only when he's being inconsiderate and unsensitive about it (or about anything)? Would his attraction exclude him from your addressbook unseen or would he get the same chance as any guy to be your man, or less or perhaps more? I realize this is not the same for everyone, but opinions are so interesting.

From a very biased point, i like to think women with extremely developed breasts and men who are attracted to that, can hardly exist together incidentally. What's the connection? Spiritually, emotionally, socially, physically (my four favs), scientifically, genetically, culturally, statistically, you get the picture, but SOME thing. Why else would nature support both extremes? They exist because the universe is so overwhelmingly infinite that anything that CAN happen, WILL happen.

Also, a very developed chest is a potentially harmful condition, mentally and medically, if not properly cared for. The 'coincidence' her burden is his attraction therefore also is ironic and unfortunate. Or is it? Both have to live with it. Clearly the sorrow & distress, attraction, her stature, insecurity (often disguised as fatalism), etc. are mere outward expressions of the many things below for both. Like particular characteristics, sensitivities and preferences that are part of the territory, and below that yet another, bigger picture.

If the woman's grief is caused by social implications (like public behaviour) first and foremost, then so too her man's is. Matching partners would mean a great deal in navigating that part, the everyday frustrations society cuases them. Inspiring each other and instilling self esteem goes a long way... i just know it.

Again, this has nothing to do with men crossing women's borders. Many people experience harassment for many reasons. Other story.
So if the above is very insulting to you, or very not insulting, speak to me.

I prefer if you are a real person. It's okay to play around on EP and have goofy profiles 'n all, but not into that myself, no offense. Tx.
cutedaddy cutedaddy 51-55, M 1 Response Aug 2, 2012

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No... I only hate him if he's a dgck and stares at my chest all the time. But some men like big boobs and thats ok. I like guys with muscles but I hope they don't hate me cause of it xD if I only cared about that I could understand if they hate me but I don't

Refreshingly sensible attitude, and great analogy, i agree.

However, women blessed&burdened by extreme breast development often have difficulty maintaining such a neutral attitude, in my experience. That would have to do with being objectified on a daily basis i assume, as i can imagine it would be very hard to remain unaffected by that. It is very sad though, as a concequence, these women often view ALL men with an (understandable) dose of skepsis. It's miraculous, on the other hand, there are still some women who DO retain their openness.

If you are such a woman, i should like to learn more from you. txx