I Had Sex With My Ex-father In Law In The Kitchen And Loved It

Well I went over to my ex father in law home to drop off some things. I was wearing no panites long loose skirt, and I was wearing a tube top that was having a hard time holding my **** in it. My ex father in law was in the kitchen and I was in there dropping off stuff and I bent over in front of him and he saw I was showing my crotch and I was so wet. I bent over to open a cabinet and I felt hands around my waist and next thing I felt his very huge **** plunging into me and i was gone. I spread my legs apart even further and begged him to keep pounding me and told him to squirt everybit of what he had into me. Of course he was reaching around and pulling hard and back on my **** and he was pulling me by my nipples. It was the best sex i have had in forever. My big 54ff cups which is my new bra size were jiggling and bouncing all over. Then milk started squirting out my boobs from the ***** pulling and he came like a lion. I have to add that as this was all happening as his wife came in thru the door. I didnt care kept humping against his **** until he quit *******. She has some very big, fat, large boobs herself. Of course, I pulled my skirt up and my tube top back on and left. As I left she had pulled off her top and bra and was pissed at him cause she knew he like my **** and why hers were not good enought. I left a large puddle of my own ****** and his on floor too. I drove home in the car and as I drove I pulled off my tube top and drove home topless. I have to say that old men have very large and hard *****.
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Sounds like a mess in the kitchen

fake story,totally fake,u drove to home topless.hhaa dats funny,all of it fake

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awesome story...

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