How I Met My Best Freind.

I was on A game called IMVU on time because i was bored and really just had nothing to do at all x.x Sooo Of course i went arounc chatting and what not And I came across this odd person She was like a lesbian with orange hair A really weird personatly So then we talked for a long time best topics ever too tetris and finaly fansty so then oen day i figured out HEY we are both living in saintjohn I asked her if she wanted to hang out sumtime and she said she would just love to but it is kind of impossible for her. I replyed "How is it impossible? xD" She said wellll I am immobile I have giantomastia, At first I was like lol what is that again? And then once I googled it I was like wow holy crap. I did get to meet her I hang out with her as much as I can now in days. And I actuly am thinking about getting a medical Degree All of this plus a new best freind thanks to a silly computer game :P
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Well - I don't think IMVU is "a silly computer game" - I am a frequent user and have been for like 6 years. It's a wonderful way of making friends over all the borders like geography, nations, language and culture. And the format of avatars in a 3D environment for chatting and interactivity is just wonderful! Also IMVU has a much lower threshold level for newbies starting to use it (compared to Second Life and Active Worlds) - much more intuitive in my opinion.
Anyone intrested to meet me there - my nick is AntoniaMV - see you!
Ciao from Tonia
PS Its a lovely story about how you met your new friend - thank you for sharing that!

Indeed. IMVU does that.