Living With Macromastia For 20 Years...

I've seen a surprising amount of stories of women with macromastia, which I found surprising as through my 40 years of existence I encountered only one other person sharing my troubles. 
Anyway though, reading through the stories I've noticed a lot of sadness and depression, young girls thinking it will only get worse.
I guess my motherly instinct  is to say that it truly only gets better; and I promise that's not just a false inspirational quote. I was diagnosed with Juvenile Macromastia at 14, and by 16 I wore a 32HH... to say the least it was quite awful. Constantly I was teased at school, accused of getting surgery done to myself, and the victim of stares 24/7. I couldn't wear cute bras like the other girls, nor could I throw on a bikini and head to the pool - it was horrible. 
However, I had a pivotal moment in my senior year in High School where I literally I just stopped caring what people thought of me, and BAM. Just like that, things got better. Physically, I'm so used to them now I'm pretty sure I couldn't walk correctly if I ever got a reduction.
My point being, it gets better, and it truly got me teary eyed to think other girls went through the same thing as I did.
Chin up, and live life as best you can!
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Wonderful advise.

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Well, we all have to learn and be happy with whatever we have or are.

Your story is great. You matured very quickly at a young age.

wow, thanks for sharing...great story

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I ma glad you are comfortable in the beautiful body God gave you. Truly you are amazing. Is It weird that I find women like you utterly perfect while normal sized women just don't give me that feeling? I would love you to add me so I can message you. Thanks.

If you're not happy with who you are nobody else will ever be. you're very inspirational woman thank you!

What a great positive story you've written!

I understand how things are for you as I have it also!

I guess once you accept the fact that this I how youre going to be.. things will start to get better.. I think kids can be crewel and they can make life very hard.. but im sure as time goes by and people are more mature they realise its not funny anymore. people thrive on other peoples insecurities.. once you can get past your own insecurities people will also stop because it doesn't bother you anymore..

I have always loved women with large breasts. I find it very attractive and sexy. So if anyone if feeling self-conscious about it, you should just know that some people really love it. Also appreciate and love the way you are. Don't let the jealous comments from others bring you down. Please add me if you love the attention of an breast man.

See.This is so true

with age comes wisdom (or something like that) - being teased a lot in high school, I think everyone goes through... whether it be someone who may have gm / mm or someone who is shorter than most, or not as athletic, or "nerdy-er" - I'm sure we've all been through that but sadly what many don't realize until years later is - the ones who are doing the teasing / name calling and such - they do that to make others feel worse and in a sad way, it makes them feel better because now they're not the "lowest on the totem pole".

but you're dead on - if you don't let those people get to you... live as best as you can and as you want it - not because of what others might say then it does get better. As far as someone being your size and cute bras.. yeah, since I have a few friends who have to get theirs especially made, they tell me finding anything "cute" isn't really an option... however, as far as putting on a bikini and going to a pool or beach... why not? Sure one would get attention (but then again, most bikinis would do that regardless of one's size, no?) but if it's something fun and something one likes to do - who cares what others might say or react... one only lives once so if it's something fun, then go for it :) If one enjoys swimming or the water in general then by all means...

Thank you Katie for your inspirational words - I tried sending you a longer message based on a lot of strong emotions as well as experiences much like yours. But your settings dont allow me to send that message,
So I ask you to consider adding me as a friend here - thank you.

Ciao from Tonia

i love this story...

Awww, hun I would have worshipped a beautiful girl like you growing up, and treat you like the Breathtaking angel you are Sweetie. Mwa

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the key is your last sentence "Chin up, and live life as best you can!"<br />
that`s it girls...keep going..<br />

I went through very similar teenage years to you. I was large chested and when I left home to go to uni' I wasn't at all confident in myself. But like you I just decided that I was going to get on with life. For me it was leaving home, not that my parents weren't supportive they were/are great. The key thing for me was a sense of humour, so I stopped being embarrassed by my bust and realised that I was me. <br />
<br />
Like you I started to enjoy life more - pretty much straight away and everyone that I know takes me for waht I am. So I'm known ( as I've always been) as "the one with the boobs" but also "she's really funny". <br />
<br />
I still get the stares but actually I I don't mind. I have a very good girlfriend who is drop dead gorgeous ( I'm not too bad either) and she gets stared at too! <br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing your story and it would be great to be friends

Now that was one delightful story to read. Hope you were able to keep that new stance up since the moment of enlightenment. <br />
<br />
Still, it's a saddening thing that due to those very experiences you made in your early years, some other women affected with the condition seem to lock themselves away in fortresses against which Fort Knox seems like a sandcastle.

yeah that is good that you are expecting who and what you remind me of a friend she is crazy huge

"I just stopped caring what people thought of me" I love that. i had that same epiphany in my senior year as well for other reasons, but the same result. I started being myself and not what societal pressures expected of me. Quality of life improved and i haven't looked back.

Wonderful outlook on life, thank you for sharing! I often say it's a blessing in disguise, as your BS detector is highly tuned as a result of the attention. I'm quite sure my daughter will be quite a bit more than average in the same respect, and I've been teaching her self respect before everything to help her deal with the attention I'm sure she'll receive.

Great story. Change the way you see things and the things you see will change.

I couldn't agree with you more in all respects. I too thought I was alone. Even now at 27 years old, I have never personally know anyone who had this, until I found this sight. I am so glad because maybe I can help, and you all can me too.

good for you Kate! not worrying about others and being confortable with yourself!

People that stare and comment on large breast women hate themselves. There life must pretty proud to walk next to my wife who has very large breast.we don't care either what people to short.HAVE FUN!!

Thank you so much for your story and hopefully it encourages younger girls with that condition to be more positive and to ignore the bad comments or stares. It sure is easier to say than to practice, but as it comes from a person that experienced that herself it gives much more weight on it.<br />
I am glad that you are doing well and that you accommodated to your breasts so well that you would have more problems walking without them.

A very inspirational story, and some good advise for others who find themselves in this situation. Nice Work !