Pls. Help

Pls. help me to understand what is happening with me
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Unbelievable..this "person" has written ten words total on EP, which happen to be in a big breast group, and has no posted "sex", male or female, stating next to nothing and people actually answer this with advice...I would love to sell you all some used cars.

Ohh where to start. <br />
Its is rough. Its not just one part. Its huge breasts, clothes, peoples reaction, finding someone else to talk with so you are not alone. <br />
The internet is not a good friend here. Most of the pictures can be just **** or shots re-enforce "the girl is special because of her boobs and all people see is a **** star in the making" <br />
<br />
Then there is the fear of what next and "self hate" Well some start to self hate themselves. Its not what they have done, it is not who they are it is what they are that can not be changed. That is not under their control. <br />
<br />
Here you are amoungst friendly folk. There is more to talk about than just finding a bra or finding a private pool to swim in that releives the weight of your breasts and kind of hides them. <br />
<br />
I hope you write more. <br />
<br />