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Developing Gigantomastia.

Hi my name is Samantha and I have been told by my doctor there is a chance I have vbh or gigantomastia. My breasts are rapidly growing and I'm 24. I am looking for support from people who have dealt or are dealing with this condition. I am somewhat worried and want to know how people cope. I have read some amazing stories here and really want to learn more. Thanks.
samantha7144 samantha7144 22-25, F 30 Responses Jun 10, 2012

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Hi Samantha, I've known a couple of women with gigantomastia. One of them suffered quite a bit and really struggled with it. The other absolutely loved having exceptionally large breasts. All I can say is that your outlook is up to you. While I realizes, from knowing these women, that your situation is very difficult, ultimately how you feel is up to you.

add me pls

PM me.

Well I know a couple of people that have macromastia, MM cup to V. Would be keen to chat.

please add me

does ur back hurt?

I am not going to tell you don't worry because you are obviously affected, like anyone whose body changes, but there are some things that you can do to make your increased bust more comfortable. My partner has 44HH and she was experiencing back pain but she has joined a gym and has had instruction on making her back stronger by using weights and stretching, she now suffers no ill effects, plus she is in better shape and feels less self concscious. She has embraced her increase and now feels more attractive, you look very attractive in your photo so I hope this helps you :)

thanks for sharing profile name says it all, sorry

ISBT, your subtlety is awe inspiring....Not!

hi Samantha you are so lucky

Hi Samantha,
I hope you don't mind me getting in touch.
I'm a journalist. Would you be interested in sharing your story in one of the women's magazines?
It would be sensitively written and you'd be paid a fee.
If you have any questions please email me on faye[at]catersnews[dot]com.
Faye x

I always learn something new around here please add:)

It might be hard with all the unwanted attention, Hope you can learn to accept yourself and not care what others say. It will give you strength to deal with your situation. If you want a male perspective, I'd be happy to talk. Add me if you think I can help. All the best. By the way you are a gorgeous woman.

My roommate has this and she told me that you should only do this if you are pain in some form....and always go for a 2nd opinion...also just because you have Gigantomastia does not mean you going to end like those horror stories you might hear. You might just end up with a somewhat abnormal sized breasts. Gia and vbh has to do with rate of growth of time and weight I think. It's not a forever condition it could go away in 1 month a year. Just be careful with what you decide.

Hi Samantha,
You posted June 10th, how've you been since?
Any news, clarity on your condition?
Any 'real' problems? Still reason to be worried? More/less?
Take good care of yourself, Gtz. Yuri

the most important thing is: keep your head up...<br />
do not be shy and be proud of your body...<br />
not too much female have what you have so come on babe be proud<br />
:)<br />
and you look like a goddess...beatiful face...and i suppose a perfect body as well... :)<br />
extremely hot :P

I have VBH also. I first found out about it when I was around nine or ten. We should talk sometime if you want (you'd have to add me) ^-^

Hi Sam, i think you should read and friend kata83. Experienced, wise and realistic boob-peer o' yours. Very perceptive and helpful.

Looks like there is going to be a significant discussion of it this Sunday at 10:30 PM on TLC:

Hi, Samantha. When did your most recent growth spurt begin and how quickly would you say your breasts have been growing? Had you experienced other major growth spurts when you were younger or is this really the first time you've experienced such rapid change? Has the growth slowed at all recently or is it continuing?

sorry to hear

I want to understand what is causing this to effect so many women. Because some are stokeed and others terrorfied

Hi samantha, my name is Aimee, i am also 24 and have macromastia, mine are not growing very fast anymore luckily. Feel free to add me if you want to chat.

hi aimee what is your toughest issue that you deal with on a daily basis

Well I don't have what you are having. I am 19 male but I have talked with someone who has had it and she enjoys it. I'm sure you should be able to cope with it. IDK if you are in pain because of it but if you are, then idk what to do. I'm sorry :/ But I hope everything goes well and I'm sure you will get used to it. It's just that maybe every now and then you will need to change your bra size.

Hi Samantha, I'd love to chat with you. I'm looking for as much support as I can.

I could give you some advice. My fiance had gigantomastia, so I have experience with ways of making it feel less uncomfortable and stuff.

i may be able to help you

Hi, I now 27 and stopped growing when I was 22. If you want to chat, email me.

yeah i'm kinda the same way, but i did grew up with a friend who had VBH and it's sucked...the looks and fights and getting into suff with other ppl cuz of the comments they made and for wasn't good

Unfortunately I won't be able to help you with own experiences.<br />
I would appreciate to give you some third party information and I'd like to help you accept your breasts as a blessing rather than a burden.