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Hoping To Meet Others Who Live With This Condition


I first found out about this site from an acquaintance I found through a doctor we both knew of. She said it has helped her a great deal, and has allowed her to meet some women out there who have suffered from gigantomastia, too. It's a rare condition, but a real one--more often than is reported by the media, thank God...

Since I can keep relative anonymity on this site, I'm eager and a little curious to share. I haven't really found anything but seldom attended support groups online, until I came across this group on this website. I have always been a very private person, both by my nature and by the incapacitating extent of this condition, and would like to keep it that way. However, if there are others out there like me, I'm sure we could find common ground for empathy.

A little about myself. My name is Amber. I am 31, and live in Canada. At around the age of 9, I began to develop very quickly. By the time I was 10, I was a G cup... try finding 26G cup bras... by 11, I was a J cup. By the time puberty really kicked in, I got super-tall, and they started to accelerate even more. It was a blur of new bras and different tricks for clothes, just so I could go to school, but by the time I was 14, they weighed more than I did, altogether.

They have never stopped growing, and each breast continues to get larger at a steady rate each year. At this point, my whole life has been customized to accommodate my condition--a disability, really.

I am only thankful that I come from a well-off family, and that I've had the resources to ensure that I live a relatively normal life. I live in a custom home, built for me for the long-term. The ceiling is lined with a set of tracks and a crane that carry my breasts when I want to get from one point of the house to the other.

I know this sounds like an odd way to get around, but it really is necessary. My breasts have long-since grown to the point where I am absolutely pinned to the ground if all their weight is unsupported. I'm so large, that if I'm at the hospital for an exam, I not only have to use a special vehicle to get there and a special cart to get around the hospital, but it takes a special effort to lift one of my breasts onto an exam table--and that's if I can make it where I'm going without encountering any narrow doors.

Needless to say, it's not much of a life, I suppose, being housebound because you're life support for a pair of breasts. But I am happy. People generally assume I'm not, but I am, really. It's a simple life, I guess. If you can barely remember a time before you had breasts that ruled your life, you'd think them pretty commonplace, right? I do have a wonderful woman who is my best friend, roommate, caregiver, errand runner, bather, and soul mate. I read a lot, play video games, watch movies. Just doing the best I can.

If there is anyone on this site who would like to talk about this condition, who can empathize, I would like to hear from you. I've gotten a great deal from women who suffer the same condition--there's a certain misery loves company quality about it?



amberacres amberacres 31-35, F 12 Responses Jul 18, 2012

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VERY FAKE!!!! This tripe needs to be removed.

How common is this condition. I didn't know it was this bad, wow, your really opening my eyes.

Read some real stories and have your eyes opened for real. This is a joke.

What is a joke, I don't thinkI follow.

I can't believe you make it across the street without being hit by a car.

What is a joke? Everything about this. This is probably the dumbest post on this entire site.

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The makes bras for weomen who have large breast and also love bras and brastop does too💕 Try hypnotherapy for pain Managment and confidence if you want to💕

How much do they weigh, if you don't mind me asking? If you preffer to tell me privately, PM me.

Please don't encourage this garbage!! This is ridiculous!!

HA Ha, you go girl!

Lucky my dad has Zeppelin building as his hobby - he built me two vehicles to help me move around when Im at my home island.....giggle.
Seriously - even if you would also suffer from haemophilia - with a condition like yours - surgery would be a very worthwhile and medically possible option. However - cannt deny that I have a fascination of how some peoples fantasies bloom here in EP....*smiles*

Not sure what youre trying to say... Thanks? :/

I know what she's trying to say: This is so stupid it's actually interesting lol!

Zeppelin , now they have helium. Long live the **** over the sky :)

Hallo amberacres,
mein Name ist Dieter aus Wiesbaden Deutschland.Ich bin ein grosser verehrer von frauen mit riesenbrüsten.Ich hätte gerne kontakt zu dir.Ich weiss einiges über Macromastia/Gigantomastia,aber wir müssen nicht ständig über deine brüste sprechen.Es gibt viele themen an denen ich interessiert bin.auch kann ich dir ein besseres leben ermöglichen.Ich habe eine grosse Geschichte aber keine Märchen.Nimm dochmal kontakt mit mir auf.Ich habe schonmal die halbe welt abgerissen und neu aufgebaut für eine frau.Ich bin 52 Jahre alt und Malermeister von beruf.Geboren bin ich am 26.10,1960. Ich warte auf deine antwort auf experience projekt oder facebook oder yahoo.Yahoo oder experience projekt:dieterw12 oder dieterw2(facebook) oder oder bald.Mit besten Grüßen aus Wiesbaden


This site gets stupider and stupider by the day.

Couldn't agree more. This is one of the most retarded things I've ever read. Insulting, really, And its really harmful towards those who are trying to use this site for the right reasons....

I can't believe I was afraid to post my story about my testicles becoming the size of hoola hoops and weighing as much potato sacks. I honestly didn't think anyone would believe it. I had such a promising career as a track and field hurdler too. Shattered dreams. Damn.

Oh you should definitely share your courageous story! Make a terrible photoshopped silhouette photo to post also! Don't be afraid to post, people will blindly reply encouraging comments for sure! lol

Now 'she' has done just that! ;)

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Well you are in the right place. Check the profiles of other members of this group to find more groups related to your situation. Good luck.

do you* ever enjoy being so large as you are?

that is a pretty interesting life you have are you married?

Hi Amber, you have a fascinating story. I am always happy to lend an ear if you need it.

i understand I grew up with a friend who had it