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What's In It For Me?

My reason for being on here is because,

1: I have a fascination w/the subject, obviously,
2: I hope to generate a vibe against breast surgery (augmentation aswell as reduction),
3: I hope to offer useful (mental and/or practical) support from a male but non-sexist point of view.

I think the ladies who deal w/this condition (macromastia or exceptionally large boobs in general) are ALWAYS very sensitive about the subject and it ALWAYS touches on their personal AND sexual identity. I know a fair number of such ladies (dated some too) and it strikes me how much emotional issues are connected to the female bust.

From a totally selfish motive i am against cutting up healthy chest tissue (luvvvv chest tissue), but also because i have seen that operating almost never brings a solution and certainly never is the end of breast-related issues. What i usually see in women who proceed with an operation is tragedy. It is a very self-destructive deed, full of hatred and self-punishment, that in the end does not bring the desired relief or resolve. This goes for the women i have known or spoken to, which is quite a lot in my 51 years on da planet.

Since most people on this forum are in North America i'm probably never gonna meet any of you, but it still feels good to offer some kind of counterweight against the often-heard propaganda for a so-called 'solution': breast reduction surgery. Hopefully it will make some of you feel better, also because i abstain from sexist remarks (i see a lot of those, that's quite boorish to say the least).

And i hope to induce an interest in those who are plagued by these issues, to do plenty of research and weigh their pro's and con's before jumping to conclusion or even opting for surgery. Don't do it !!
cutedaddy cutedaddy 51-55, M Jul 18, 2012

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