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Why Am I On Ep? Reply To Ruben.

First the passages from Ruben that struck me:

... Ever since finding out about VBH, I realized that I have always been very attracted to very very large breasts, it is just who I am. And that it might be a terrible and hard affliction for you as a woman, but that as a man i am exactly attracted to it. ...-... I wish that you find a partner that not just accepts this, but also loves and admires your special skill and flavor, we are out there and that gives you support in any way and then they might also stop growing through that, who knows because now you are understood, cared for and loved... -... Remember, i was there too: one day when I was a teenage, I saw a woman like you somewhere and it touched me in wonderful ways and I was astonished...-

Hi Ruben (?), my name is Yuri, i'm 51, divorced and have an 11yo daughter that lives w/me 50%. What a beautiful letter you wrote! (I'm a guy so don't get worked up yet).

Just the honest and sensitive way you write struck me. It made me jeaulous i didn't find those words first. Which i mean as a token of respect of course. How old r u anyway? You seem wise, i admire it. I think you hit the exact spot with your comment and i know if i was an MMwoman i would give you a chance!

Perhaps you allow me to support your motion with the following: a guy doesn't have any more reason to feel like a freak for this love, than a woman does for the cause of it. Both are part of the whole and nothing makes them less. Her body is not her, but that our bodies are as much an expression of personality as anything, there's no denying.

I used to joke that i'm only attracted to the CHARACTER of women w/big breasts, but i'm long since convinced it actually is true. The cause for this love is not the breasts. They are visible expression of it, but a whole world is hidden. There is something deeply vulnerable in a woman with large boobs, to name just one part of just one of the particularities in play.

I hope i'm able to be the sensitive man i wanna be, once i stand before a true goddess. I'm usually horrible in company (in a nice and accepted way of course), but to stand in front of my reason for existence would definitey shut me up. So i not only long for the day i will live this, but i dread it almost as much for it will be my one chance. I would wanna hug this woman and just hold her in my arms so bad, i might ruin the moment! Does this make me a freak? Okay, i don't mind that, no problem. (I would disagree of course, but hey..).

Would you mind i share this thread, incl. your letter? Best, Yuri
cutedaddy cutedaddy 51-55, M Jul 26, 2012

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