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I was developing like all of the other girls until I turned 10, then they started to grow, not too fast, but larger than all of my friends. By the time I was 12 I had a C cup, and they didn't grow much for a couple of years, by the time I was 16 they were D/DD. Then they decided to get as big as they could and by the time I had turned 18 I had the biggest boobs in my school (now I am at a L cup) and because of them I felt alienated, with the girls snubbing me and the boys giving only my chest attention.
Now that I am done with high school my chest is influencing where I will go for college, because walking around campus would produce similar results as high school, so I may look into some online colleges.
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Sorry people out there suck and make you want online classes in stead of traditional college

Hi! You may think you have to be a "shrinking violet" to fit in with your friends and classmates, but you have been blessed and destined to stand out from the crowd. The challenge for you is to learn how to use it to your advantage and make it a positive aspect of your life. Converse with EP women like Martha1982 who commented earlier to this story. I believe she is an authentic resource on the topic.

People seem to always find something to bring people down or gawk at. Remember that this is something many others go through in different ways. There is something ab normal about everyone they just don't always appear that way at first. You shouldn't let your choice of college be determined by others, just by what you like.

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If you made it through high school, chances are you can handle university no probs! ^_^

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Don't worry want others have to say about your breasts in particular. Don't let criticism rule your life. Be happy with what you have been given and find a way to continue your happiness. Don't let others bring you down.

Forget how other people react. ( easier said than done, of course) and think of it simply as a very unpleasant deformity, which is what it, in reality, is.<br />
<br />
If you had a scar on your face, or a limp, or a big nose, would that affect your college choices? or how you live your life?<br />
<br />
True, some people find it attractive, but you have to know that it is something that makes you neither more nor less beautiful. Your beauty is within you, not in your bra.<br />
<br />
Forget about it.