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Gigantomastia Still Growing

Hey again

Some months have been passed since i write my last story.

all my boobs problems have been growing like their size, bras are getting more and more expensive as they grow trying to give me the best support but they dont do it, they weight its the worse part of it, its just too much for me, i must do back training to be able to carry them.

They are too sensitive and bounce like crazy, thats doesnt help.

I hope they stop this growing madness soon or i'll be unable to walk anymore.
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Spor is good for everybody.You can make much gymnastic.and fighting sports.I think its give you a good feeling.You have "bombs" in your t.shirt!! and i like that very,very much.

Best Regards


Wow I had no idea there was such a thing now my curiosity has been peaked please add me I would love to learn more :)

If they bounce too much when you walk, why not just get a scooter? You could probably get one for free, and save your exercises for a real workout.

Maybe you just have lousy shoes, get some new balance for walking, I'm sure your back will be good. Avoid china flats and heels. My friend had back problems by always wearing fashionable shoes and had to get back surgery, her breasts were average size

It is a burden for you, and not easy. Talk to littlebras on her she was over a Z cup!

Hi, I'm a 34N so know exactly how you are feeling. Hold in there :)

dear Summer...just some questions: How much is a good bra? What is your current size?
thanks...and still waiting for your add....thanks Goddess...have a good one..

Is this just a growth spurt or full macromastia in effect? Try doing some core exercises and streching. Also get a well fitted bra it will help hold and distribute the ever growing weight.

Dear Summer,

-Back pain: Be very aware of correct posture (spine, hips, shoulders), wear sneakers often, and LBNL exercise your abs and waist. NOT so much your back, since it is exercising all day, but the antagonists. Those are often neglected but play an important role in keeping THEIR antagonists, i.e. your back muslcles, in shape. For your back muscles themselves, STRETCHING should have the emphasis (to recuperate from their ample mandatory exercise), preferably before you go to sleep. All this will also benefit your overall health, as a bonus.

-Sports: a VERY well fitted bra WILL do the job. Just KNOWING your correct size and how it relates to some different brand-typical deviations is worth your very long while. Once established size, there's nice bra's up to 32N and 34P no less, probably even bigger by now. Check some of my posts. Also some sports-bra's. Do not hesitate to wear two or even three o' those at the time.

-Bothersome shoulder straps: attachable pads, rigid outside, cushioned inside, go under the straps. A true relief.

xx Yuri

Antagonists: the group of muscles on the opposite side of any body part. For example biceps and triceps are antagonists, since they reside on opposite sides of your upper arm. The antagonists of all the muscles involved in maintaining good posture, when carrying weight in front of your chest, are several. You might wanna consult a physiotherapist once or twice. Perhaps your school campus has one free of charge?

I think you are a beautiful women and would love to be your friend!

Well let's pray they stop growing. That's just like a dude who won't stop growing.... After you get to be 14 ft. 9 in, I guess that would get to be a problem if you drive a Mazda Miata... But I say stop growing.... DON'T REDUCE WHAT YOU ALL READY HAVE. and that is all i know!

From Sharon38K come's this genious story you might also like:

"My father gave me an interesting illustration about my breasts: "If you own a plain looking Toyota Corolla, who's going to look at it from the road side? Pretty much nobody. On the other hand, if you drive a shiny new Ferrari down the street, everybody is going to stand were they are and look in awe. Why are they looking? Because what they're seeing is absolutely beautiful and rare. How can they not look? Well my daughter, you have the Ferrari of breasts.
But what if the owner decided to take a sledge hammer to the car, because too many people were looking at it? Wouldn't you say he was stark raving mad, out of his mind? Well that's how it would be if you let a plastic surgeon take a knife to your breasts. It wouldn't be surgery: It would be mutilation! It is true that you have to spend more to support and clothe your breasts. But do you think a Ferrari costs the same to insure and maintain as a Corolla? Of course not."

I think as far as social implications are concerned the above story is spot on.

About back trouble: you may have to worry more about your abdominal muscles and core muscles in general, than just your back. I have a post where you can read some about this, but better yet: consult a professional physiotherapist. The antagonists (muscles on the opposite side of, in this case, your back muscles) are usually the ones lacking exercise and attention.

Take care.

It's heart breaking to hear you are having so much trouble. Way too much of a good thing. I hope you get your wish and they stop growing immediately! You have a lovely face.

That's sad your breasts cause you problems as they have grown more and the weight gets on your back. If you train your back muscles (you probably already do that) then your back will be able to hold the weight. I am sure you will learn to accept your breasts and I hope you will even love them as they are unique and yours.
You say "They are too sensitive and bounce like crazy, thats doesnt help." but you might also get advantage of the sensitiveness, that can give you so much pleasure and this man would LOVE to caress, lick and suck your wonderful breasts as they sure deserve to get worshiped !
If you like to chat with a sensible man that tried to understand your problems and would LOVE to help you LOVE your breasts despite the problems they may cause you.

my best friend's girlfriend suffered from the same thing and it was very difficult for her. she eventually got a reduction as her back became more strained. of course what you, or others with the same problem, do is up to you and them, but i do hope you find a way to cope and that you don't despair. there is support out there you can find. you seem very smart and lovely and i am sure you will make the right choices.

Yes, start exercising, Hun. Work on building core strength, which will help your back, and watch your posture! I've been doing that since I was your age, and it helps a LOT! :)

sounds like quite a dilemma. I hope the growth alone isn't too painful and that you're able to get some rest. Do you have access to a pool or hot tub? that would at least give you some time to have the weight lifted off your back.

Hang in there. there are many here willing to be a comfort to you either with advise or just being there for general support.

You have refused breast reduction well done very brave. Exactly what size are you now then.