" Not as alone as I thought"

About a year & a half ago I wrote a story titled "Feel Alone" but I have since found that I'm really not. After joining EP I have realized that there are many women that are affected by this horrible condition known as "gigantomastia".

So many young women have reached out to me & some I have become close friends with & I feel truly blessed to have them in my life. Having that support is just so important when living with something so misunderstood & physically disfiguring & demanding, not to mention how humiliating & depressing that it is.

In the past year & a half a lot of things have changed in my life, mainly with my breasts. Just to refresh everyones memory, I was injured in a car accident in May of 2000 that left me a permanently paralyzed triple amputee & also being diagnosed with gigantomastia which has caused me to endure a lot of episodes of growth over the years that have actually left me being much more disabled than my actual physical disabilities caused by my paralysis & my amputations.

In May of 2011 I began a growth episode that was the worst I've ever had & it lasted until April of 2012, I gained several hundred pounds in each of my breasts & also below my waist. To make matters worse my breasts began to lactate which required me to have to be attached to an extraction pump to remove the seemingly never ending supply of milk that was being produced. Everything in our home has had to either be updated or replaced to accommodate my additional size & weight which has cost tens of thousands of dollars. I'm no longer able to be transferred to or from my mobile platform & am now forever confined to it 24/7, my husband struggles daily just to bathe & provide care for my breasts & body. 

Because of my inability to be transferred now & my inability to move or have the position of my body changed because of the size & weight of my breasts, I've suffered several severe muscle spasms & I've also had several autonomic dysreflexia episodes which are very serious for people with paralysis. Unfortunately shortly after my breast growth stopped, I suffered a severe spasm that dislocated the C-4 vertebrae in my neck which put severe pressure on my spinal cord that has caused me to now have complete paralysis from my neck down leaving my only remaining arm & hand useless to me. I'm not dependent on a ventilator to breathe but I am now dependent for everything else. I'm using voice recognition software to dictate this story because I now have no use at all of my arm & hand.

In the beginning of losing the use of my arm & hand I held hope that I would regain function within it but it has been so long now & has atrophied so badly that it has the appearance of a long term quadriplegic or a person that has been afflicted with severe muscular dystrophy, I'm just hopeful that I don't have any blood circulation issues within it, my MD is very 
concerned that it may need to be completely amputated. The thought of being a quadruple amputee quadriplegic in addition to the issues that I have with my breasts is a very overwhelming thought to me & I'm really upset & depressed about it. What little independence that I had seems to be forever gone now & I don't know what or how to feel, I'm very frightened about my future.

Being a part of the EP community & having the friendship of some very nice people here have really helped me to keep my sanity while trying to manage to cope with some very difficult circumstances. I'm very Thankful & feel very blessed that I've been able to become friends with some of you & showing me that I'm really not alone with my issues.


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Just dropping a line as usual Sherri, wanted to wish you a happy valentines day. I hope your doing great!

hi Sherri

hi sherri, remember me ceyhuncans, EP deleted my old profile? i would like to chat.

Hey sherri...so sorry for the late comment...hope you are doing better now..always God will be beside you..stay stronger..soon you will be an inspiration for others..God bless..

hi Sherri I d like to chat

Hi Sherri,

Saw you were online, and just wanted to drop by and let you know that I hope you are doing well, happy, and comfortable.

Oh, also, happy belated thanksgiving!

Thank You very much!!

Its my pleasure. I make it a point to drop by here once in a while to make sure your doing alright.

hi Mrs Yates

add me pls Sherri

hi Sherri. how are you? what is your yahoo? i want to add you. i we lost my profile and get a new one. pm pls

Hi Sherie , I found the website address that has the audio file of that show if you wanted to listen to it . www.audioboom.com/channel/r2jeremyvine
Maybe worth a look . keep fighting and keep smiling.

I know this is of no consolation but I just wanted to say how moved I was when I read this , I feel so sorry for you and your family . But also admiration at your resolve , I really do hope things take a turn for the better . I don't want raise hopes but you and a few others here on EP may find this useful . I was listening to a topical radio show a few months ago here in the UK , BBC radio2 the Jeremy vine , in which they were discussing a revolutionary new procedure using cells from the nose to repair damaged nerves . They tried it on this man paralysed from the neck down . After a few months he regained use of his limbs and is now learning to walk again . I think it was a British and Polish scientists . I'll try and find out more and post it on here . It may even be on the BBC website .

Hi Sherri. i d like to be in ur circle please, this is my new accpunt. we were also chatting.

Hello Sherri,

I see your "no more inquiries from men", and I will respect that. I did however, want to wish you the best. I've read your stories, and I am deeply apologetic for your situation, but I truly hope that you are thriving in your current situation, and that you are as happy as you can be.

Patrick Mckenzie

Thank You Patrick

Your very welcome ma'am, my condolences for all your troubles.

You keep the faith lovely lady,..maybe sometime soon they will discover a spinal transfur !

I'm so sorry to hear of your accident. I wish there was something I could do to maker things better for you. If I had the powers to heal you I would. Please add me as a friend and we can talk about anything you would ever like to talk about. Please let me know.

Thank You for your kind words, it is very nice of you.

I notice that you are an fighter-keep on the good fight, dear

Wow I've never heard that story before my heart goes out to you god bless you. I love their story please keep on writing I think you have an excellent future as an author:)

I can't even begin to imagine what you have been through. You are a very tough and determined woman. May God always be with you always.

I'm glad you have found comfort in community. We're here for you!

I'm sorry , but I tend to agree with Kerry34L. Athoought it is a tragic story,, I find it a bit far fetched that your breasts reached 100lbs each

I realize that this sounds "far fetched" but I can assure you that it isn't


Hi. Fact is always stranger than fiction and Sherri has no reason to lie.

Left unrestricted body parts do grow without end. Often a tumor press upon the hypothalmus causing "giatism" of the seven foot lady.

While I can quote many more horrible stories I'm hard pressed to find one where the person rebound and carries on so well. I'm proud of you Sherri and hope I would be as saintly a husband as yours is.

I'm sorry to hear about your arm and hope you have not lost all feeling in it. Navigating, eating, scratching ones nose, holding husband's hand or even wiping a tear seems impossible.

Like WileJEEcoyote below I pray things get better. Fear is believing that what you can not see, nor touch nor change will happen. Faith is believing that what you can not see, nor touch nor change will happen.

People know the truth, are still here with you and accepting.


If this true, then I truely feel sorry for you. It must have been very hard to deal with when 1/2 your body is breasts.


It took me a while as well. Search the internet for pictures of women with 50+ pound breasts or guy with elephantites of the nuts. When he stood up they where still touching the ground and covered the front of his legs.

That story is the only thing that comes close for men. Imagine waking up after an auto accident. Paralyzed, job gone, your nuts keep growing from 10 pounds to 20. Your wife has to pick you up and bathe you and them. No joy there as you can not feel anything.

Society will not be kind nor accepting of something that is not your fault but is impossible to hide. Not all of this matches Sherri's story. I'm just giving food for thought.

There is a lot to her story, even more to her character and soul.

It is hard to believe. Scary too.


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I pray that your quality of life improves and that you can enjoy life once again. Good luck!

I told one of my friends about your experiences, and he's had a similar plight as yours. I suggested he contact you.

Best of luck.

oh my gosh....there are no words to express the tragedy that has befallen you..i don't know if you are a person of faith or spirituality...but i'm sure i would be asking "why"...

I have asked why but there isn't an answer, my husband & I can only try to cope & take things one day at a time. Thank You for reading my story.