Sometimes I wonder if anyone is real in this group, or is it all guys who get off on pretending they have breasts, or want an "in" to chat with busty women. Somehow I imagine two men talking to each other, getting off, each thinking that the other one is really a busty woman.

Of course, my appologies to anyone who is real. But I think the real ones can see my point. It is going to be the fakes who get mad at me for pointing this out.
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mine are real...

im real and getting fatter

If they use a ******** or adult photo,then day my bust is 584.My cup is .thrn yoi know they are fake

and PS to my last:

MM is a very real problem and not funny at all, or something to fake or make jokes about. There is nothing pretty or sexy about it. Especially if you have it with a petite figure or a thin waist, it affects your entire life.

About 30% of the girls are real and as they say they are. Real girls usually don't post photos, only drawings or sketches if anything at all. Real girls who have MM and meet here usually chat once or twice and then talk on the phone. It takes just a minute to tell if another girl I am talking to my phone really has MM.

There is also another very restricted site for girls with MM that requires a note from a HS or college guidance counselor or a doctor to get into. The real girls are usually on that site too.

I have talked to a few and met in person a few people I met here, so there are really real girls here with a real deformity that they are trying to cope with. \

Just filter out the BS.

I understand that. I've read most of your stories. I suppose it's not their fault. I said that because that's the way it feels.

There's just way too many creepering, stalkering, sick, perverted, horny men on this site that ruins it for the rest of us and because of that they think that every single man that adds them is the same way. It's just not fair.

And on top of that there's are a lot of fakes on this site, some not as obvious as others. They even fooled you.

This is such a great site, unfortunately It's filled with horny men and fakes.

It seems like the type of people they only add are:<br />
1. Women with big breasts (understandable)<br />
2. Men with big dicks<br />
They rather add a man pretending to be a woman with big breasts than actual men. It's ridiculous<br />
There are some sincere men out there that are genuinely concerned about this condition.

The first guy I met on this site was so incredibly nice. He wrote a whole essay in message to me with help and tips etc some of it I knew some I didn't but the point is that he was able to help just as much as any doctor I have seen... Haven't talked to anyone like that after... So I think you have a point... Its a medical problem and sure some people might like it I can't hate them for that but I think if there are fakes they are urging people to take it so lightly... Like some posts I see where someone that says they have macromastia/gigantomastia and that they like it?? Thats just no way its too hard to live with or maybe im just a cynical ***** -.-

What did he tell you? I could have said the exact same thing. -_- But the thing about reduction is that it's very risky.

When you have this condition, you are left with 2 options. The truth may shock you... It's one hard pill to swallow.

This condition is so cruel.

Haha im sure you could have xD but it was all basic stuff on most aspects and all. Kind of like "home cures/remedies" that doctors don't know anything about cause they haven't lived with it. Even talking about cardio which made me think of eating better... Not that is night help much at all :P

The first story I read made me think the same way as I shivered disbelief.

This site is great but can also be a cesspool of fake garbage which honestly just ruins it for others, sadly enough. Like that ridiculous claim from someone here that her breasts are supported by a crane throughout her house, and has special vehicles to drive her around? Why would someone even write that stuff? A joke? I'm not trying to be insensitive, but really stop with the balogna and join a group where you can actually contribute!

WHOA HOLD UP! You're telling me people on the Internet aren't always telling the truth?

But in all seriousness, you do have to take everything you read on the Internet with a grain of salt. Sometimes it may be obvious that the "girl" you're talking to is really just a guy with an uncommon sexual kink, but other times it may just be some guy pretending to be a girl (and doing it quite well), just for kicks and giggles. (Of course, the ridiculous ways some guys act in pursuit of a woman over the Internet doesn't exactly help curtail such behavior).

And even if the person behind the curtain is a woman (and not a male impersonator), the profile pic used (when it includes a profile of the bust) is likely to be a photo of a different woman. Case in point: Sable36M. Her (or his) profile pic is used as the profile pic by a guy on Myspace. And he was using it there before she (or he) joined here just recently. It could even be the same guy! So you are correct to question the authenticity of many of these stories/profiles/profile pics.