More Members Faking It...

I was chatting to member Kerry34L about how even though her profile pic is a bit murky and misty - that she reminded me of Leanne Crow - the British big bust star and she blocked me.

Just a heads up that she might just be over egging both her height (6ft 9ins) and bust size. I cant think what else I said.
Would like very much to be proven otherwise of course...and Kerry34L if you want to mail me as to why you blocked me other than being spooked at Leanne Crow's name.
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4 Responses Dec 9, 2012

<p>she wont email you because he or she is full of SH**!!</p>

Add bigboobs333 to your list...she is using Leanne Crow's picture too. This is nothing but a big bust fantasy land for so many unfortunately.

Yes she blocked me too when I started to ask "inquiring" questions...! I hate fakes!

i actually thought the same thing! she looked like leanne crow through her blurry picture. you're right! there are a lot of people faking it on here. what i think is going on here are LOSER GUYS pretending to be some "lesbians" who are hot and only adding girls to there profiles - very pathetic.