Life With Macromastia

I was actually one of the last girls I knew to start developing. Every one I went to school with, all my friends were getting breasts a couple years before me. I had to suffer the insults of incredibly mean nicknames like: "The Great Wall of Kristin" "The Flatlands" and other less inventive euphemisms for flatness. I used to cry about it. I wanted nothing more than to have huge boobs to show everyone how wrong they were. I got my wish apparently... Just before I turned 13 I had my first period. And then shortly after that I started getting boobs! I was so happy! But my happiness was short lived. By the end of the year I had a full DD cup. By the end of the next year I was shoving myself into a J cup bra. Beyond the increase in size my boobs weren't "growing right." Whereas most breasts grow gradually over time mine were growing rapidly in occasional spurts that signaled themselves with sore tender skin followed by intense itchiness. It was about this time that my parents figured out this was not a typical development of a teenage girl. So after seeing a slew of doctors from general practitioners to OBGYNs I was finally referred to a dermatologist who diagnosed me with a condition called macromastia, which is the new medically acceptable name for what used to be called gigantomastia. And more specifically, I had a special type of macromastia called Virginal Breast Hypertrophy, or VBH for short. Anyways, by high school I'd gotten so disproportionate that the jokes had gone from about how flat I was to people mooing when I walked past. So once again I was crying. But during my sophomore year something good happened. I made friends with a new girl named Tiff who instead of treating me like a leper was actually fascinated by my condition and helped me to feel good about myself. She and I had many an adventure until we graduated and she went away to college. But thanks to her I love my body. Despite how limiting it is it has many benefits that I feel are worth it.
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I had a friend in high school that had a very similar experience. I saw, in her struggles, how difficult it was. I'm glad you have come to terms with your body and I hope you can accept yourself.

Wow. That was an interesting story. I've been pick on how different I was during my school years and little amount of friends to cheer me up and keep me going.

I feel your pain. I'm also happy to hear that your friends are keeping you going and being strong about your situation.

Keep your chin up and keep moving forward.

But if you ever need someone to chat to, you can also chat with me on here by PM or by IM.

I am happy that Tiff was able to get you to feeling good about your body.

I'd love to hear more about your experience. What are the benefits that make the difficulties "worth it" for you? What was it that changed your view from hating your shape to enjoying it?

People can be so mean. It is great you found a great friend.

It sucks how bad people can be to others they deem "beneath themselves" just because they look a little different. Glad to hear that you like your body. not many people with this condition seem to be that way, but accept it as is at best. Are you still growing or has it stopped? You sound like a strong person despite (or perhaps because of) what you've gone through growing up.

lovely story. may i add u as a friend? xx

wel I'm glad you got comfortable with your body and changes

I reallly enjoyed your story,, very informative, and I'm glad you found you can like your body. VBH is something that very little is talked about, would you consider adding me as freind,,

If your story is true, why not post a picture of yourself in your profile avatar? The story you are telling is quite different from artificially inflated boob model Beshine whose picture I see as your avatar now.

It's good you found someone to support you. I find that many people with this condition go through a life of ridicule. Glad to see some people have genuine kindness within them.