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Getting Hickies

I love seeing my husbands face when I return home after a night of partying with hickies on my breasts, he gets so upset knowing I have given myself to other men again.
Loosewife Loosewife 46-50, F 18 Responses Jun 23, 2010

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why get upset? He has a hotwife who wants and needs others...

Variety is great, don't you think so ?

I have this fantasy of seeing my wife being helped out of a car with four other men. As they open the back door, she is sitting on a man's lap. She turns to get out, her spread legs appear and that man has his fingers in her *****! His pants are at his ankles and as the other man helps her out of the can, I can see his ****, now spent, had clearly just pulled out of her. Her blouse is open, her bra gone. Her **** are swaying back and forth as they try to hold her up.

I am looking out the side window of our house as they drag her up to the door. They set her down by the front door, ring the door bell and run to car and take off.

I open the door to glazed, crazed gleaming wife. I reach down to pick her up and as her chest goes against mine, I feel and smell wet *** all over her chest. I look at her breasts and there are bite marks all over them. Her neck is red from bite marks and sucking. I take her and throw her on the bed, face down as I remove her dress. I see ***, flowing out of her *** and she has more bite marks even on her checks. As I remove her open blouse, she rolls over. In a drunken state, she spreads her legs and pushes her fingers into herself as she explains, "Please, guys, **** me one more time before you bring me home to my husband!"

Hot fantasy!

Guys like to leave their mark on the women they have.

Really, nice with the hickies, but how about mine comes home from being away seeing her steady lay and comming home with carpet burns on her elbows, sometimes smells like him with sore ***** where she couldn't let me have her. Just luved the time they went to a lounge and she came home and I could smell the smoke on her hair telling me how she made him dance with her a long time even though he wanted to take her off to screw. Others at the bar wanted to know who she was because she never takes her ring off. Luvs others knowing she can have other guys w me at home, alone. She saves her *** filled panties for me and laughs as I savor them in front of her,

I just love it the first time I say hickies on my wife's neck and breasts.

perhaps you could acquire something else to remind your husband of your nights out other than just hickies or bruises...something a bit more permanent. good wishes

**** u r a hot ****

**** u r a hot ****

Its not just hickies, at the moment I have a couple of B/Fs who are very rough with me so I get bruises on my breasts and thighs. No he would never dare to try and stop me.

When my wife was dating that guy I was amazed at the hickies and bite marks he would leave all over her. She has never let me do that. I love that she enjoyed him so much that she could not stop herself or him.

Wow how often do you come home w/hickies on your breasts and does he try to get you to stop?

Most nights, I prefer them sexually.

Yes, your so cute!

Your husband's damn lucky to have you any way shape or form. Sounds to me like you are both getting what you deserve,he's just to blind to appreciate it.

Josie06, I am not missing anything in my marriage But my husband is ME, thats his problem not mine.

Don't know your marital relationship but then that is your business. My guess would be something is missing in your marriage. I think you are happy being with other men (for whatever reasons) . It works for you and you are happy. <br />
<br />
I guess be yourself and see men of color. I do too!

i love the way you ignore him. my wife does hat she wants too. it is so humiliating, but also eroic.

No it upsets him a lot and I love it.!