I Won't Do It Again

if I want another child some day I'll adopt.  I thought I was going to die when I had my son.  The epidural didn't relieve the pain, I should have done the whole thing naturally and it would have gone a lot quicker.  I was in labor for 24 hours and developed a fever, and so I thought at one point that I was going to die.  I felt certain of it.  Then when he came out he wasn't breathing at first.

Such a horrible thing I did to my body...never again will a human pass through here!
eromreven eromreven
1 Response Dec 17, 2007

oh my, i'm sorry you had such a horrible experience your first time around. having a baby can be difficult, but the rewards are well worth it. your choice to adopt your next child, in my opinion, is a wonderful decision. good luck in life.